Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 14, 2013

Fortune Berkano2

*Note you can download this week’s audio reading/Cats Eye on the Future Show  directly to your computer by clicking here – starting in June the show will be live-streamed at the station and via You Tube – but for now you can download now and listen later!*

Today’s reading is for Tuesday and we see a sudden flip from yesterday’s very comic images of the Star and Hagalaz – a day which did prove to see the Sun “strike” out three times with X-Class Solar flares some of them Earth Directed.  So while I think that reading does have other implications than just the solar flares the concept of a Star (aka the sun) sending out a “sudden strike/hail stone” is pretty much a perfect match for a series of solar flares that thankfully so far have only affected a few radio transmissions but not caused any other damage that I am aware of.

However today the Fortune Card (Fortunes/Money/Luck/Seeking Fortune) combines with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Female Energy) to focus us back here on the Planet where the audio reading of the week seemed to focus.

As we reviewed a bit yesterday, that audio reading found that there was a possible “lie” about Peace, Security and Freedom to “the Homeland” (everyone’s home/homeland) and today we see a possible direction that it might come from and/or a possible direction that might derail the threat itself.

The basic concept of Birth and Fortune or the Birth of Fortunes is very good on the surface and for individuals this is a fantastic day to make investments, look for a job, work on spiritual growth or take in a late Mother’s day lunch with Mom.

However, given the rest of the readings for the past several weeks and especially the last few days, I think there is more than a small hint here to watch Economics/Money/Fortunes/Currencies and even the birth of “New” Fortunes for clues as to where the “hail stone” might either be coming from or may have a direct effect.

If we are lucky, today may just be a turning point or a stand-alone day (when something so very different happens it changes the energy completely for 24 to 48 hours) such as the birth of a new (and helpful) technology that leads to fortunes; one that might be connected to women, babies, children or even Mother Earth Herself.

If we are not so lucky, it probably suggests that watching where the big “Fortunes” are moving and/or to “follow the money/currencies/stock markets/investments” to get a clue where the next energy phase and/or the “Hail Strike” is likely to be “Born/Conceived/Created.”

I feel a strong Female influence in this reading which could be from the Berkano rune itself (which is sometimes associated with The Mother Goddess) but I am also wondering if someone of the female gender (famous person or someone behind the scenes) who is going to play a role in this “birth of Fortune” or the issues around the strike.

It is very hazy, and I can’t quite put my finger on it but look for strong women in the news that might figure in the worlds of politics, finance or the very wealthy – they could also be a reporter or other investigator that turns out to be the one “to watch.”

Of course, in the Norse world view, the Sun Herself (Sunna) is also female, so this could be a continuation of yesterday’s Solar stories though in this case hopefully the “good fortune” to either miss the bad effects of the flares and/or something like a new breakthrough in solar energy.

Meanwhile as I mentioned above, this is a fantastic day for individuals and I would have declared it one for the world as well if the reading stood alone and not on the heals of such other, less positive indicators in the days that came just before it.

Now, if we suddenly see the rest of the week’s cards also turning positive we may be able to declare the “Hail Storm/Strike to the Home Land/Lies/etc” energy window to have come and either past or at least faded away for a bit.  But I’m not really feeling that at this time, nor would I make such a call without a few more day’s of the cards going off in a totally new (and more positive) direction.

Meanwhile, enjoy today and flow with the basic energies of Good Fortune and Maternal oversight – a good day for financial decisions and having comfort food for dinner or to snuggle with your favorite child, spouse, pet or even stuffed animal.