Card of the Day – Thursday – May 9th, 2013


Today’s card is The Voyage and the rune is Tiwaz (the same as yesterday).

So while the card energy changes in some ways, the runic energy stays exactly the same and the Voyage Card is a similar energy to the arrow being shot on the Father Card.

I think what we are seeing here is an energy shift into a new pattern, a rather more sudden jerk than we usually get, but it does happen sometimes, especially when a particularly powerful force enters the picture and decides to take over.

Before this we have had a building, new but somewhat hidden energy (also a wild energy) now we are seeing a more narrowed but highly directed one.

The Voyage card on its own indicates a Journey, which can be physical, mental or spiritual depending on the context  of the rest of the reading.  It signifies movement, heading somewhere, travel, no fixed location or even a change of direction; again depending on context.

The Tiwaz rune as we talked about yesterday – is specifically the rune of the God Tyr and is associated with Justice, Courts, Laws, Legal Battles, Tribal Warfare, Duels and even some aspects of the Ancient Sky Father God (including Lighting, sort of like Zeus).

Like yesterday, I’m getting several “word pictures” from this combination and the first is,

“The Voyage of Justice”

In other words Justice/Courts/Law are traveling/journeying/moving today – and that can be seen directly in today’s and yesterday’s headlines.  Lots of stories about court cases, hearings, judgments, charges etc.

The second one is,

“The Voyage of the Spear”

Like yesterday’s Arrow being pointed and directed towards a target, today’s Voyage seems to be directing the Spear of Tiwaz in the direction it is intended to go.

This may be related to “word picture” number 3 and/or related actual cosmic events such as a solar flare or the story that came out yesterday about a possible energy from a Super Nova headed in Earth’s direction sometime during this Summer.

It also echo’s yesterdays “spear going into the heart of the matter” this time already on the journey to do so, having been first directed by yesterday’s “Father” energy.


The Journey/Voyage towards War/Tribal Justice/Law without Mercy

In this part of the reading, I think the energies of the “marching towards war” we’ve been seeing in the cards for at least 1 1/2 years continues on forward.  This time colored by tribal and clan centered views of revenge and blood feud; which actually are dominating things right now (and probably point again to the Middle East, though the energy could manifest in other places, even things like Mafia Gangs or other “Family” enterprises).

For individuals this day could prove to be very focused and continues to be a good time to get things done.

The Voyage card means that travel (especially justified travel aka business or other mandated travel) should go relatively smoothly and it is also a good day for targeted ideas and legal situations to continue to untangle themselves.

Another good day for judges, lawyers, police, government workers, contracts, house closings, etc; but while not as stern as yesterday’s father card, the Voyage and Tiwaz still present a time when you want everything honest and above-board.

Big Daddy may no longer be “watching you” every second, but Tiwaz days have a way of bringing out any falsehood, dishonesty or even slightly twisted meddling with laws or regulations so again not a good day for any activity you wouldn’t want your great-grandmother to observe you doing (or at least one she wouldn’t approve of).

For example, obviously great-granny doesn’t want to watch you shooting your er..a.. spear in hopes of creating the voyage of a new life, but she would probably approve of having a great-great grandchild to hold in her arms afterwards.

On the other hand, going behind a potential partner’s back and doing something you know would be hurtful or against your personal rules; would be a very, very bad move today.  That sort of dishonesty in contracts or relationships is exactly the sort of stuff that Tiwaz energy is likely to bring out into the light of day and “judge” without mercy; so a great day for taking a voyage out with that special person, just be direct and honest about it (i.e. this is not a day for messing around, pretending affection or playing with someone’s heart-strings).

Also a great day for highly focused dream works, meditations and problem solving; especially the sorts of problems where you need a “bolt from the blue” to get that final piece of the answer.

A fine time to study for exams or make forward movement on a project or planned vacation (again just be honest, no cheating in either direction).

It will be very interesting to see if tomorrow’s cards consider this sort of “movement of Justice/Spear/Tiwaz” energy towards something or if the energies will start to settle somewhere.

Meanwhile this is still a very active time period, lots of energy and much of being shot in a bolt over our heads, so be prepared to duck when you need to.  Best not to be the target of the spear when it lands, unless of course it is cupids honest arrow, then enjoy yourself and be open to your partner.

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