Card of the Day – Monday – May 6, 2013

Cave Uruz2 Othala2

Today’s card is The Cave and two runes stuck together today so we have two rune-staves: uruz (Ancient Cattle/Strength) and Othala (inheritance/homeland/greater Germany/Odin)

The first thing we notice about this reading (if you’re a regular reader here) is that the first rune is exactly the same as the rune we had on Friday.  Since Friday’s reading often sums up a week going into the weekend, and Monday’s reading usually sets the tone for the new week, this suggests the underlying runic power of strength/ancient cattle/stampeding/strong energy will be a major playing going into this week as well.

The Cave card, almost always suggests a withdrawing from action/activity (positive or negatively) it can also mean actual depression (including economic as well as mental or spiritual) and is frequently associated with time periods where people just feel so overwhelmed by something they just want to hide.  In fact, the image of hiding in a cave to escape, may even be played on in reality in situations where people actually need to take physical shelter from a recognized threat (war, tornado, earthquake, volcano etc).

The combination of the Cave Card and Strength, suggests a desire to hide from strong, powerful and probably stampeding forces that are simply not going to stop until they (the ancient cattle) are ready to stop running or go right off a cliff.

The Othala rune (home land/inheritance/Odin) suggests very powerfully that this “strong” force/issue/situation/threat is likely to affect “The Homeland” or “The Inherited Lands” and that it may be influenced by the forces of the “Odin/Wotan” archetype such (which would be offensive war, death, communications, poetry, epics and even magic).

Since Odin often leads the “Wild Hunt” that we saw being “called up” a couple of weeks ago, this is probably not a good sign in terms of international/current events going peacefully or smoothly over the next week.

My hunch is that on a current events scales the energies are out there this week for serious wars (that people need to take shelter from), serious threats (including “terrorism” to various “homelands” not just the US), strong “runs” on things like the stock market/economics/banks (both positive or negative but again not calm or measured).

Greater Germany (aka the EU) may also be affected in this reading, because the Othala rune has been a favorite of “Greater Germany” folklorists and friends since the late 19th century.

This doesn’t mean there will be war or attacks in the EU, but it does mean there is disruptive energy there that could manifest in terms of “running/battles/disruption” that causes folks to want to just hide out until it is all over.  Europe could also be affected by events outside the borders if the hints of wars and battles prove to be physical armies rather than just hostile actions of individuals, banks or corporations.

However, I think the strongest places to look for war/battles is currently in the Middle East, with the high likely hood of “strikes” that may be related occurring elsewhere.  North Korea, India, Pakistan are wild cards; they feel off-balance to me in some ways but less likely to be the direct threat seen for going into hiding (at least in the next 24 hours or so).

There also feels like a very strong possibility of attacks (real or false flags) all over the world, at least for the next 24 to 48 hours, possibly all week; hopefully they will pass by and the window close without incident either in the world of smaller battles or larger ones.

Hints are there also of possible “natural forces” (wind/rain/hail/snow/earthquake/volcanoes) etc that could also mandate finding a nice dark cave as is the energy for being “depressed” and wanting to hide out because of bad economic news.

Those aspects though I think will be more “local” and related to individual situations, with many people not experiencing them at all.  I sense on the other hand that if either that attacks/battles/war actually gets going, pretty much anyone with access to the media is going to know about them and react emotionally in some way.

Finally, for individuals the cave energy can be very positive, this probably is a day for staying home (mentally if you’ve got to go to work), lying low, avoiding additional risks, waiting to start new projects and pretty much just concentrating on making sure you home-cave and inherited lands (your own space and personal/family property whatever it is) are strongly protected and warded on a psychic was well as a physical level.

If there’s a threat, take shelter rather than trying to flee or fight; lay low and let it pass by.

A fantastic day for doing certain types of protective magic or warding a new home, a good day to take care of things like broken windows, locks on doors or protective meditations.

No energy lasts for ever, though this entire week is likely to have issues with some pretty powerful forces still playing around out there.  So take care of yourself, your family and your cave – honor and study the actions of the ancestors – there is very little that is new under the sun; the Othala rune is partly about their “inherited wisdom” study and use it wisely in the week(s) to come.

That’s today’s reading, if you are interested in a private reading on how the energies may be affecting you personally, just contact me for details!



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