Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 3-5, 2013

Friendship WarriorLiarUruz2

This weekend’s Cards are: Friendship, the Warrior and The Liar – the rune stave is Uruz (Wild/Ancient Cattle).

This combination is not a good sign after yesterday’s “foolish partnership” reading, which does not mean all partnerships formed yesterday were Foolish but the Fool Card plus the rune for Partnership could manifest that way.

This reading suggests that at least someone on an International/Current events scale this is almost certainly what took place, even if it was behind the scenes and the public not totally aware of it.

My hunch is that there may be more than one “foolish partnership” going on but we know the one being flagged in this reading is about “Friendship” and probably War/Defense/Military and that the alliance (or partnership) itself is based on falsehood, deceptions and lies.

This is because we have the “friendship card” (usually a very positive card, but as my husband pointed out yesterday not all friendships and partnerships are positive, some are toxic bringing out the worst in both “friends.”).

The Warrior Card is often a man’s card in a relationship reading, but on an international/current events level it can be about actual warriors/warfare/defense/watchfulness or even war itself.

The Liar card is one of the few cards in this deck with almost no good aspects (except when lies/deception are exposed) this card what changes the concept of something positive (or at least neutral) like a mutual defense treaty, a peace treaty or even a seemingly good corporate merger into something more sinister – it suggests that the basis for the agreement/partnership/alliance/friendship is based on lies (or at least deceptions of a deliberate nature on the part of one or both parties entering into it).

While my mind turns right away to the Middle East and the situation in Syria there are other places this energy could be playing out like North Korea, China, Russia or even in the economic, banking or political sectors.

Yesterday and today are both really bad days for corporate or political partnerships both personal and international; especially anything involving alliances for mutual protection and/or support; that’s because the energy for deception is just too strong out there right now.

If you absolutely must sign a business contract or partnership today, read all the fine print and read it again, make absolutely certain you feel safe and comfortable with it and/or simply wait a day or two before finalizing the agreements.  Hopefully by that point the energy will have shifted at least somewhat and be focused on another area, even if it is still deceptive it may have moved from friendship and battles to another area.

The Uruz rune brings up some hope in all this, because on the one hand while wild/ancient cattle are known to run around in all directions when moved to terror by events they don’t understand (becoming an unstoppable force until they choose to stop or are run over a cliff) they also have powerful protective and healing energies as well.

We can even return to the “birth” themes we have seen so much of in the last couple of weeks as in the Norse tradition the current age was “born” when the proto-Cow licked the salt off the waters of the great glaciers and began the floods of sweet waters that gave birth to the age of mankind.

So while the card energy is all very political, defensive, offensive, manipulative and human centered; the powerful runic influence for the next 48 to 72 hours is that of the Stone-Age Aurochs, one of the most powerful animals the Peoples of Ancient Europe ever lived beside.

As a Mother the Auroch is ever ready to protect and defend her calf and her – heard Sisters from the dangers of the Cave Lion and Dire Wolf; as a Father the Bull growing horns larger than anything seen today to drive off threats and gore any human foolish enough to try to take it from him!

Immensely strong beyond modern comprehension (especially when compared to today’s milk cow) their strengths (and protection) were also in the numbers of the heard and its ability to form defensive rings with the calves inside and the Great Cows and Bulls facing outward.  As long as these stood, few predators could touch them or their young.

Their greatest weakness however, was panic; something early men in the North Land’s learned to exploit, probably from the moment they discovered fire.  By driving these giant herds of animals over cliffs in a blind panic, they were able to over come their natural strong defense of both large bodies and strategies.

People learned pretty quickly that if they wanted Auroch meat and impressive drinking horns, the first had to frighten and manage the herd into running scared and not looking where they are going until it is too late.

The links to yesterday’s fool card, of being too distracted to see what is coming is very apt here.

Don’t be part of the herd that is distracted until they panic and then runs head long off a cliff – that’s the easy energy out there and today is an energy combination that needs to be resisted rather than flowed with.

Instead, concentrate on the positive aspects of friendship, defense and strength of the ancient cattle; but be very wary and observant for signs of lies, deception and managed distraction.

Beware, Beware, Beware of the False Friends/Warrior/Liar/Stampeded themes this weekend; instead go for the: Equal Partnership of friends, who celebrate each other’s strengths, defend each other from harm and refuse to buy into lies or diversion from what they know to be true.

A heavy time period, but possibly a rewarding one as well – true friendships can come out of adversity, just be very careful when choosing your companions, they really matter right now and YOUR future may depend on them.

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