Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 1, 2013


Today’s card is The Sage and the rune is Laguz (Water/Hidden/Depths/Emotions)

This combination suggests a time period when wisdom, study and deep thought is likely to help untangle mysteries that have been deeply hidden or obscured by surface emotions.

The direct meaning of Laguz is lake or water; suggesting both that the hidden things to be learned may be “underwater” either literally (like an archaeological discovery/something beneath the waves) or figurative like “something is underwater” (like a house/corporation/country etc).

The wisdom and study of the Sage (Elders/Wise Person(s) will be added by today’s energy to help tease out this hidden information and help bring it to the surface.

This works on both a personal and a current events level as individuals can used today’s energy push to dig down and uncover the really deep issues in their lives and situations; both for knowledge and improvement.

On a current events level it suggest that the next 24 to 48 hours will be time when “Wise Ones” may study international situations (including economic/political/geological/oceanic) and come to understandings of some of their backgrounds and deeper implications.

On the flip side, there is also energy for “Old One” (either really old people or Old organization) to continue to try to hide (mystify) things they do not wish the general public (or others) to know.

I think the stronger implications though are for the clearing energies to come to the fore today,

Look for stories about new discoveries in science, health, astronomy, weather, Oceans, water in general, political theories, etc., etc..

Not all these “wise” theories will pan out in the end, but today is a day when the energies for scientific and human breakthroughs are strong.

Just remember that The Sage both learns from history and writes new chapters himself (see the pen on the card) – so concentrate your studies today on making your future history a positive one.

Meanwhile wishing everyone a Happy May Day!


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