Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 30, 2013


Today’s Card is Death, and the rune-stave is Elhaz/Algiz which is Elk (Moose in North America).

Death can be physical Death as in things/people dying but it can also mean something end, really ends (finality) and that includes bad situation that need to end as well as those we might wish to see continue.

The Elhaz Rune is often translated as “Protection” but the Elk/Moose has many aspects and all of them powerful.  It is an animal so large that in the Northland it knows no serious predators other than man (once it is an adult) and will often barge into situations (like moving cars) without fear because in the natural work it fears few direct threats.

The threats to the Moose are more in-direct; illness, old-age and a lack of food can bring down and adult as can accidents such as falling and breaking a limb.

So while the Moose/Elk is a powerful protector and totem, especially from predators; it also symbolizes plunging ahead without noticing possible new dangers.

There are two basic ways to read this combination of card and rune:

The highly Positive one:

Protection from Death/Sudden Ending

The more cryptic one:

Beware of Death/Endings from powerful forces, especially new ones you’re not normally programmed to pay attention to.

I think there is some of both in this reading, and I also think this reading hints at an energy reaction to the previous trends that were all about births and new starts/new situations brewing.

Most of the time when energy swings really far in one direction (in this case birth of the New) there is a counter-swing back to an opposite (or near opposite) energy because the Universe likes to keep up a Balance of sorts.

To have Birth energy followed by Death makes perfect sense, because in Nature it necessary to have both, and in the human world much of the time some situations/events/even humans themselves must End (aka Die) for new things to take their place, thrive and flourish.

For individuals, I feel the primary way to view this energy is the combination of “protection from Death” but also “protection within endings/deaths” directing and meditating on ending situations/relationships/circumstances etc., that are unhelpful (or no longer serving their purpose) in our lives in order to continue to move forward with the birthing energies of the last couple of weeks.

On a current events level, I am a bit more concerned because of previous reading that all seem to point to something building  that is very serious and the hints of something being new or not recognized as a threat/problem/issue.

The results of the failure to view the threat for what it is, in time could lead to either spiritual, mental of physical death for some humans.  I don’t like predicting things like that, but it feels pretty strong in this reading (and in previous ones during this time period).

However, the Elhaz rune suggests that this is not a totally fated and unavoidable future and that protection is there to be had if people will just look for it.

Another way that many people see this rune is as the human being standing and reaching their hands towards the heavens in prayer.

Prayer, medication and seeking support from the divine are part of the sheer and awesome power of this rune.

When you consider it beside the awesome fears that the idea of Death invokes for most people (mankind is still helpless before it, we all die eventually) this combination is almost haunting in its presentation of Death and Yet Protection from Death/Protection and Seeking Aid from the Divine Realms etc.

As good a pattern for meditation as any I can think of; a good day to finish projects that need sorting and a good day for seeking guidance for the next one.