Card of the Day – Monday – April 29, 2013

Birth Ansuz2

Today’s card is Birth and the rune is Ansuz (Communication/Odin/Deep Energy).

The Birth Card continues Last Week’s theme of something new and building but the Ansuz rune suggest that this week the particular manifestation may be in the realms of communications and possibly war/battles/energy.

Birth always marks the start of something new, a new cycle/project/person etc; but in this situation I think it is also part of the unfolding trend that started the last couple of weeks towards a new and larger cycle.

But again, this week I think the main focus/manifestation of this cycle will be something to do with communication (including everything from personal communications to new technology).

I am feeling a strong link here to some sort of new technology as something that is likely to provide both interest and distraction this week; it won’t be the only story on this theme, but it still feels important.

There may also be situations on the Current Events front, that in addition to the birth of a new technology, also see miss-communications and problems with technology.

This could be anything from disruptions with radar/radio/mobile phones/Internet etc; to a miss-understood or miss-translated message that has deep and powerful consequences – this might be especially true in Asia but might also be an issue in the Middle East.

The reason for the conflict associations is that the rune Ansuz, is the rune most often associated with the Battle God Odin/Wotan, who is also the God of Death, Communications, Wisdom and Poetry.  He also has a sort of “darker/shaded” energy, not evil in a traditional sense but crafty, hidden and sometimes deceptive.

Odin is the patron of Spies as well many common Warriors, because he is delighted when playing with words and symbols that have both meaning and confusion.

In Norse Tradition it was Odin that brought the runes to mankind, and while we associate runes with magic today, for centuries their main function was a form of written communication aka writing.

I just keep feeling a spycraft/message/problem/issue is going to come up this week; I am not sure exactly where but I think it may be very important to the long-term situation for the next few months (possibly even years).

I am not sure if it will come to light right away or get hidden by the news media/governments involved until later, but I suggest keeping an eye out for it anyway.

Now for the individual – this is a great energy combination!

Birth and Ansuz can be the birth of wisdom, creativity, magic and of course communication.

All the things mentioned above that get a bit hairy on an international scale can be delightful (if sometimes a bit challenging) for individual people, especially artists, writers, actors, communicators, poets, teachers, people who work in broadcasting, musicians, lecturers and even conference organizers or really anything that involves communication or creative work.

However, remember that communication, especially new communications can take a while for the birthing process to work through and that they are not always understood by others at least at first.

So, while this is a great week to plan a new project like re-decorating the house or writing a novel; don’t be surprised if those around you are a bit confused by all the fuss.

Be very careful this week to try to express yourself in ways that communicate exactly what you are trying to say – otherwise confusion and delays may result.

Monday is usually the theme for the week, so I’ll be looking for both birth and Odin type energies to play out for the next five to seven days; even when they are not the foremost energy of any day in particular.

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