Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 26 – 28, 2013

FoolSunStars Daguz2

This weekend’s cards are: The Fool, The Sun and the Stars, while the Rune is Daguz (Dawn/Sun at Dawn)

This combination continues the energy we have had all week in several forms, even though most of the cards are new, which again simply fits with the entire pattern of the previous week’s readings.

The Fool Card usually means to start over, begin a new project (or journey) but it can also mean innocence, foolishness or being distracted and unprepared.

The Sun Card is the Sun itself, but it is also light being shown on something, celebrations, masculine energy, planting & harvests, growth and all things nuclear (little sun).  The negative of this card can be over-heating, burning, drought, over-exposure.

The Stars Card is all about the making of connections, you can see the lines coming together to make pictures on the card itself.  The Stars are also about dreams and “reaching for the stars.”  The negative aspects of this card can be seeing connections when they do not actually exist or reaching to high or dreams based on fantasy.

The Daguz rune is really interesting in this context because it is the sun again, but this time the sun at dawn (early morning).  It often also highlights things just “coming to light” or “starting to make sense” as well as having nuclear associations, both in terms of energy as well as weapons.  Positive Daguz energy results in a fresh start (just like The Fool Card) negative Daguz energy can result in mystification of a situation (like the mist that can form on the morning horizon, often fogging visions and making shapes difficult to see or understand).

This entire week of readings has been all about something new building up being unleashed or opened onto the world; probably something difficult to control (Wednesday’s Reading) and very likely new (or new for the current situation) and perhaps strange or unusual (Yesterday’s Reading).

Today’s reading hints that this action may also include starting something over in a new direction and/or be a foolish move that will come to light as soon as people start making connections.

I must also mention that The Fool can also be a Foolish Young Man(Men) like the Boston Bombers, I don’t think it is them (though new information and connections could come out about them as part of the energy) but they are very good example of the card.

I keep really be drawn to all the solar aspects in this reading because every single card and run has some of them.  The Fool card has the least and it is still a young man starting out his journey in the early morning light, followed by the Sun itself, The Stars card (and the Sun is of course, a Star) and Daguz (The Sun at Dawn/Morning).

While in the Norse traditions the Sun (Sunna) is Female, in the Card deck the Card is male, which taken together with the Fool Card lead me to think that the human inspired part of this reading may be a young man (or at least a man/men).

But it could also be something about the Stars/Sun/Power itself that is building (and remember both can happen at the same time, as the energies often act on more than one thing at once).

The good news in this rather cryptic reading is that for individuals this is a great energy combination, especially for parts of the world that are moving into Summer.

We have the chance to make fresh choices and start new patterns, we have the Sun shinning on our efforts and the Stars to help us make the connections that will allow positive choices to move forward.  Daguz just increases the feeling that it is a “New Day” and no matter what happened in the past, you can now pick up your flute, start walking and go on again (possibly in a totally different direction).

Just pay attention, and don’t let you own music distract you from threats or walking into a tree.  Comb that hair out of your eyes and really see what the sun is revealing and the stars are connecting; let your new day, be a good day!

That’s all for this week, back on Monday unless something really breaks that is obviously connected to this week’s energy build up; if that happens I will try to work in a special reading on it if it becomes obvious as to what it is.