Card of the Day – Thursday – April 25, 2013

Stranger Perdo2

Word Press is still crashing today so I will once again try to make this shorter as I am now trying to recreate a reading that was already lost once.

Today’s Card is the Stranger and the Rune is Perthro (Dice Cup)

Taken together with yesterday’s reading, they suggest a time period when the energies for desperation and hiding are likely to be met head on by a new Person/Place/Idea/Energy whose eventual impact may be dicey or as yet, unknown.

The Stranger may be connected to that wild, unleashed energy I sensed building towards the end of yesterday’s reading.  This could be a new element or invention that creates a new situation or it could be an unexpected rise of a Person/Tribe/Nation that seems to come out of nowhere and affects things.

The Dice Cup Rune is often associates with Loki the Trickster God, who while he usually brings good things to mankind in the end, can create a lot of chaos and panic in his wake before he gets that far.

He isn’t evil in a classic sense (and neither is the Wild Hunt mentioned yesterday) but both are forces of disruptive, powerful and sometimes elemental energies that can radically change an ongoing situation, sometimes in the blink of an eye.

That is really the sense I’m getting here that whatever/whomever the Stranger (Strange/New) thing/person is, it happens quickly and is essentially a wild card.

The Stranger energy itself is fated (the Dice Cup is similar to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot Deck) but the response or results of its sudden arrival on the scene is not.

People/Tribes/Nations have choices, the Dice Will Roll but no one is certain where they will land or what faces they will show.

It can be very “dicey” to gamble with A Unknown Stranger, the odds are usually not in your favor because needed information is lacking.

On a Current Events scales, like yesterday, I don’t feel this reading is just for today only but is a building energy period that includes the elements of great need, a desire to crawl away and hide, great-power unleashed and uncontrolled (probably on purpose but with incomplete understanding) and now a New and Strange Person/Energy/Element/Idea will be part of that.

This could be economic, political or a force of nature; but whatever it is mankind/people will be forced to deal with it head-on.

This is a time of great and powerful forces (fate) moving behind the more obvious and mundane world of daily life, until suddenly, it won’t be hidden anymore.

However, on a personal level, this is a day when New Ideas/Things and People may come into your life, their influence is uncertain so be cautious but not hostile.

This could be anything from a new romantic relationship that upend you life in positive ways to a new idea that sets you really re-thinking an long-held belief or lifestyle.

It is a good day for meeting new people, starting new projects and taking risks; but just remember risks can have more than one outcome, so take any new information into account before making a final choice.


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