Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 24, 2013


Word press is acting very strange today so a bit of a rushed reading in hopes of getting this important information out there.

The card today is the Cave (depression, withdraw, hide) and the rune is Nauthiz (need fire/fire stick/great need).

The combination suggests a low energy day when most people (and Peoples/Tribes/Nations) just want to find a cave some where to hold up and hide in to get away from all the endless rounds of bad news and information over load.

This drive will be cross or somewhat blocked by the desperate “need” on the part of some for answers and on others for direct help, help in many cases “needed” as a direct result of the karmic scales of judgment and hidden information/energies that started to express themselves both yesterday and earlier in the week and to a lesser degree the week before.

Not all cave or withdrawal energy is bad, it can be a very sane and necessary response in order to charge batteries and recover from a nasty or difficult situation.

Need-fire can be desperate or it can just the warmth needed to light the cave and cook a comforting dinner.

I feel there are elements of both positive and negative types of “withdrawal” in this reading; but with an overarching sense of exhaustion and being overwhelmed on the part of many.

This card can also indicate economic Depression as well as emotional depression; and both can also lend themselves to need/needs/desperation.

While individuals can use this cave energy in a positive way to recharge and take-care of their personal emotional and physical needs (turn off the TV for a while if you have not already and focus inward today); that just won’t be possible if desperate situations become even worse in the Current Events/Macro-Economic/Geo-Politics or Earth Changes sector of the otter world.

There is also a sense of people (including groups as well as individuals) to “need” to go “underground” or “inside the cave” to “hide” due to “need and/or seeking Need-fire.”

Finally, in Celtic (and some Germanic) traditions,Need-Fire was a special type of fire created from different combinations of bone and wood to supernaturally call for help from the Other-World in Times of Great Stress and Crises.

I can almost see in my mind’s eye,  folks collecting the bones and various limbs of the sacred trees and brining them back to cave to light just such a fire.

This was never done lightly, because once lit and called, the help of the Other-World often takes on a life of its own and may decide on its own solutions to the problem.

One of which was the ride of the Wild Hunt, a common theme all over Europe of a wild-band of supernatural (often dead) warriors, their spectral horses and their red-eyed hounds that race upon the earth destroying both the threat and anything/anyone else that is in their path and runs.

It is said, that to view the wild hunt is to die, unless you are smart enough to drop down and hide, keeping away from their notice in hedgerow or to join in their company (to be forever changed even if you live to see the morning light).

I have a deep feeling that somewhere the Need-Fires are even now being lit, but those who doing so are warned:

Once loose The Hunt does not stop until they capture their prey, tire on their own or are struck by the morning light.

The hunt  is said to have various leaders, in some lands it is said to be Dread God Odin, in others King Arthur, St. Stephan or the very King of Elf-land himself!

This reading doesn’t say who will lead the hunt when it is riding this time, but my inner-voice tells me that ride it will, and very soon.

As to where and exactly when The Hunt will ride is not certain, only that it is ready and listing for that call, a cave will be a good place to be when The Hunt Answers (unless you care to join them at your own peril)…

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