Card of the Day – Monday – April 22, 2013


Today’s card is Liberation (set free/escape/break-out) and the rune is Daguz (Dawn/New Day).

The basic meaning of this reading is:

Liberation (freedom/escape/break out) at Dawn (or at the new Day).

You could also read it as:

There is a new Dawn for Liberation (Freedom/escape/breakout).

Lets go with the positive aspects, especially for individuals so they can concentrate on them.

This combination suggests a time when things that have been bottled up, held up, trapped, imprisoned or otherwise blocked can be set free.  There is a certain “light cometh in the morning” about this reading, as Daguz can also be “the early morning sun.”

So it is a good day for unlocking old blockages, looking for new ways to deal with problems that seem stuck and generally a great day for new/fresh starts when it comes to any life project.

As often happens though, I’m not sure the Current Events picture is quite as Rosy (and as always individuals should pay attention to because these energies can also play out negatively in the personal world too).

The Liberation Card shows the young couple escaping jail/a castle together on horseback and then escaping by the less traveled route.  There is really a lot of variation on how to read that image, first the view has no easy way to know who the couple is or what they represent.

Are they two lovers trapped by the resentment of their families and who are now feeling their clutches to marry and share their lives together (a positive union, made in love type of symbol); or are they a pair of depraved Highwaymen escaping the bonds of justice to rob and destroy those on the road once they are free again?

Unless the card is chosen for a more specific question than just the usual: “What are the man energy(s) that are likely to be affecting the world/western world in the next 24 to 72 hours,” we just can’t know the answer to the above question.

What we can know is that the forces are in place for sudden break outs/escapes/unexpected decisions/freedoms/etc are very likely today.

What escapes or breaks loose in today’s “Dawn” or “Exposed by New Sunlight” is a anyone’s guess and is probably going to affect more than one issue anyway.

Look for stories about secrets revealed, amazing escapes from danger, prison breakouts, new information exposed (on any topic, though solar/sun/nuclear would be highly likely), breaking new ground, new ways of doing things, perhaps even a science or medical break through (or even an epidemic of disease).

There may also be movements and stories about groups that have Liberation/Freedom or even New Dawn (the Greek Political Party) today.

There are powerful forced for negative and positive liberation today, individuals can do their best to make sure their own freedoms and directions are positive; how this plays out in the rest of the world will be largely the result of exactly what is Liberated and how those affected choose to react.

So once again, a day to pay close attention to the news (or at least check in once in a while) to look for “liberation” good and bad, but concentrate in your own life on the positive energy of a New Day for your personal way forward.

Finally, today’s reading confirms the weekend reading of a sudden change in energy(s) direction; though what is “liberated” is likely to be connected (or connecting in hindsight) to those energies highlighted in the week(s) before such as Money, Money Trails, Currencies/Stocks/Warfare/Diplomatic Warfare and Hidden manipulation/Destruction.

Since Monday often highlights the coming week – this is likely to be a week of breakouts/escapes/liberation, new situations and secrets coming to light.




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