Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 19-21, 2013


This weekend’s reading presents us with a whole new set of cards and a rune we have not seen for a while, this suggests a moving energy pattern that is morphing into a new (or different phase).

First the cards:

Peace – peace, peaceful, quiet, stasis, stuck, unmoving

The Tower (Castle Card) – A strong defensive position, the tower on the hill, the home as the (defensive) castle, strong wards or walls (both psychic and physical), barriers, protection

Father – actual physical Fathers, Father-figures, mentors, teachers, male Divinities, countries with male identifications (aka The Fatherland), Direction, guidance, male energy, patriarchal systems, male associated skills, male inheritance.

The rune:

Gebo- Gift/Wedding, still used in some Northern languages for the word “marriage,” implies a partnership, present, combination, merging of ideas/people/thoughts, joining (as in sex or other strong forms of union) etc.  Can also be associated with inheritance, especially female, rune is sometimes associated with the Goddess Freya (love, fertility, war) but not exclusively.

So how do we put these new (and somewhat strange) combination together?

First I’m going to do individuals again because as so often happens the implications for the individual are nearly all positives and I want to emphasize this point.

What the cards read are energies that make some things easier and more likely to occur than others and individuals (as well as Nations/Tribes/Peoples) have the free will to choose how they respond to those energies and even how they respond to the various things that occur in their lives as a result.

In the Germanic world-view, you may not able to change your fate, but you can control how you choose to meet it (Wyrd vs Will).

So for individuals, the Peace card suggests a time for calm after the storm, a time for prayer and reflection, when some sense of harmony and a touch even of relaxation from what has gone on before.

The Tower/Castle Card, reflects back on the home card, seeing the home (and family) as a place of refuge from the battle as well as the storm.  A good weekend to focus on personal warding, defensive actions, taking stock and again staying inside with a good book in one had, but your eye on the battlements with the other.

The Father Card on its own, is also a good energy for most people, a strong and skillful directive one, that can help you focus on the tasks at hand, using the skills our “forefathers” (or real fathers/grandfathers/uncles) may have taught us; everything from repairing a broken window to firing up the bar-ba-que.  Women can use the “father” energy too, we’re talking about symbols here not actual male/female divided tasks.

Gebo – suggests this weekend will be a gift, a precious one of calm, protection and direction if people choose to take it, a good time to enjoy the gifts of nature, family and friends.  Remember to take time out to breathe, laugh, sing and enjoy yourself, even if you feel the need to stay inside the safety of walls and stillness.

Now, for the Other Side of the News!

For a Current Events reading I find this reading very disturbing in the light of the past weeks reading and especially with the events in North America.

Because the other obvious reading of this combination is:

The Gift of the Father (State) is Peace and Protection …

(with the suggestion of a heavy dose of patriarchal/top down/authoritative type of State)

Again, this can be a good thing, when the Father is protective, encouraging and showing his son the tasks he will need to continue protecting the tribe when he is grown.

But it can become very destructive if the Father is over-protective, abusive or controlling, when Peace is established by the power of the arrow and the Sheriff of Nottingham riding out to break some heads outside the castle walls. He’s especially interested in the heads of those who support opposing ideas or who seem to be robbing his own interests in favor of  the “common” folks.

Peace can, in fact, become stagnation, the tower a trap and the “gift” turn into repression pretty quickly if the Father(s) who establish it are not careful to allow the children the freedom to experience life freely.

The choice for either type of “Peace,”, “Tower,” “Father” and his gifts are there, it remains to be seen just how what choice the Father(s) will make.

Different “fatherlands/fathers” may take different courses of action because while the energy will be there throughout the world this weekend, the personal choices of how to flow with it (or fight it) are up to the Peoples/Tribes/Nations each on their own.

I think in general though, this weekend will hopefully see a pause in the “crises” mode that the world and especially North America has been in this week. 

While I still don’t feel the “Destruction” energy is totally played out, I think the energies around it are rapidly changing and morphing into a new direction but we may have to wait until next week to find out where exactly the new energy “arrow” is pointed.

Until then, watch the  news for clues but focus mostly on your own Castle and on “fathering/directing/teaching skills/gifting” those close to you in you peace and good will.

Intentions alone don’t solve problems, but they can help focus and direct the mind in helpful and powerful ways, not to mention combat fear which always has a negative impact when trying to sort things out after a period of chaos and flux.

That’s it for today’s reading, if you would like a personal reading just contact me here for details, take care until Monday!



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