Card of the Day – Thursday – April 18, 2013

Birth Othala2

Today’s card is birth and the rune is Othala (inherited lands/inheritance) – this combination suggests that the Destruction and Birth cards seen in last Saturday’s Reading are moving through the Destruction phase and into the Birth phase of whatever the Destruction is leaving in its wake.

While this does not mean the destruction is over, it does mean that the impact of that destruction is leading to the birth of something new or at least a new situation.

That situation is likely to be in the “Homeland” in this case mostly North America, though on an energy level it can mean where ever a person lives and/or inherits from (including home, family, nation etc).

This message really is: A Birth in the Home Land and/or Birth with Inheritance or Inherited at Birth.

Sometimes, Othala has been used to represent the German people and the German nation (by “Greater Germany” writers since the 19th century).  While not as well-known outside of Europe as the Sun Wheel (Swastika) image, Othala has none the less been banned from being worn in Germany because of its National Socialist associations.  Like all runes (and symbols) there is nothing evil about it in and of itself, but the NAZI’s did enjoy using it as a symbol for “Greater Germany” and I have sometimes seen it as a symbol for the modern “Greater Germany” aka the EU.

So it is also possible that a new situation is occurring, just under the radar in the EU/Greater Germany as well.  It may or may not be connected with the current destruction/re-birth energy that still feels heavy in the air (and likely to continue on at least into next week) but it is something rising and needs to be watched.

In North America the Destruction energy still seems to be the primary player at least in public sphere but the birth energy may be coming into play soon.  Unfortunately it isn’t possible to tell if this “Birth/Inheritance in the Homeland/Ancestors Land” is a positive or a negative situation coming into being.

All we can tell is that it is being born…

One more hint is that Othala is often also associated with the God Odin (by many people) who in the Germanic world-view is seen to govern Communications (of all sorts, from the spoken word to radar), Poetry, Inspiration and War/Warriors.  Odin’s Warfare is the sort of War for the sake of honor and glory, especially of one’s homeland – Odin honors brave warriors from all sides of a conflict and is believed to enjoy a certain amount of strife for its own sake, rather than any particular goal.

While Loki is more commonly known as the Trickster, Odin himself has some of those aspects especially when it comes to only telling part of a truth, masking a situation (especially allowing folks to indulge in self-deception), or twisting things around to suit his own purposes.

He is a master of spy-craft and sends his ravens back and forth across the Earth to learn what is happening in the world of humankind.  He also enjoys walking the Earth dressed as a man, interacting with people (including fathering children) and generally being involved in great conflicts and contests.

So, again I suspect there is a great deal going on with the “Destruction” energy than meets the eye (at least for now) that communications are being clouded (or deliberately undermined) and there are hints of conflict or even of war/conflicts/battles around the edges here.

That includes both real battle fields and lesser forms of warfare like currencies and politics.  Remember, Monday’s Reading suggested that the root (or direct) cause of some of the Destruction/Birth energy was money/wealth/fortunes.

If the money trail can be found, an explanation for some of the nastier Current Events may be found (especially in North America and Europe).

On the individual front though, this energy is very positive – Birth and Othala in a private reading might suggest the birth of a much wanted child to inherit the family line, the “birth” of an inheritance (physical or spiritual), moving to a new home (or inheriting it) the birth of new gifts (especially psychic or creative ones).

A good day for meditations, exploring new job or creative ideas, to listen to older relatives, honor one’s parents, psychic development or rituals,  have (or make) a baby, have a birthday celebration, create a garden, take flowers to family graves, enjoy a family reunion or spend time with a grandchild.

Hopefully this weekend’s reading will either sum up some of what has been happening  and/or point to where the energies will head into next week.

Until then, if your interested in a private reading for you own personal cards and runs, you can contact me here on the website for details.

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