Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 16, 2013


Today’s Card is Union and the rune-stave is Elhaz (Algiz) Elk/Protection

Given the last few days readings this is a very good (and comforting) combination to see.  It suggests that after yesterday’s destruction (in North America) and possibly after this mornings early hours earthquake (Iran/Middle East) that there may be a chance to focus on prayers and protection for what has happened and what may be coming next.

I simply don’t feel the Destruction energy (economic/political/geographical) is finished, but today’s cards are a sign of great hope and suggests strongly that protection and strength to get through it lay both in ourselves but also in reaching beyond ourselves (to the ancestors, the other-world, the divine as you understand it).

The Union card is the card for “The Lovers” in this deck, but in addition to personal relationships it also represents the Union of things, situations or people.  I’ve mentioned before it often stands for nations with Union or United in their current or former names like: The United Kingdom, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or The United States…in this case I think the US is especially being flagged as being a central topic of energy focus today, especially in the prayers (Elhaz/Algiz) and thoughts of many.

In addition, there is the other aspect of the Elk (North American Moose) that needs to be mentioned, because while the rune offers strength and protection; it can also represent a powerful and pretty unstoppable force.

Some of the most ancient and powerful European symbols are of the Moose and that’s because these powerful animals are nothing like the modern “Bullwinkle” parody most Urban people are familiar with.

They are the largest and strongest of the living herbivores in the North-lands, as adults they are safe from every predator except man, as long as they are healthy and mobile.  They fear nothing, often impaling themselves on modern cars, fences and trains because they simply have no need to worry about much in the wild and don’t recognize the danger.

So while the Moose is protective, the Moose is also a highly dangerous power if it gets out of control or is simply not aware of the dangers presented by something it doesn’t understand.

This last aspect of the rune is really drawing me in terms of what happened yesterday in Boston, this suggests there may be a lot more going on than the obvious threat – my gut feeling after yesterday’s reading is that somehow and in some way:

MONEY is the root (or direct) cause but exactly how and on what level I’m not sure; nor do I have a clue yet whose money/currency/economics etc is involved, only that something/someone(s) is. 

The rune also suggested it is a lot more complicated, powerful and miss-understood than will seem “obvious” at first.  Look for “simple” explanations that later unravel, powerful forces that may be in a “Union” with less powerful (but more obvious ones).

The rune also suggests a great deal of personal and public prayer/seeking of the divine (also raging against the divine) will be going on the next 24 to 48 hours – another way of seeing the rune is a stick person with their hands reaching towards heaven (their feet on the ground and their arms raised upward).

On a personal level, this is a fantastic combination for individuals – suggesting a wonderful day for the “union” of the personal and the divine/other-world.

A perfect day for meditations and prayers, a great day to start or continue a loving relationship (romantic or other sorts, especially teacher-student).

A day when personal protection is strong and so taking small risks (in hopes of future improvement) is likely to be easier than usual, the power of both Union and the Moose being there to break the way forward.

As often happens, a great day for individuals but a more reflective day (with some powerful undercurrents) on the Current Events scene.

Lots of candles being lit today I think (and not just in North America)…

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