Card of the Day – Monday – April 15, 2013

TheBody FortuneFehu2

If I had a song to describe the over-all theme of this reading it would be “Money, Money, Money by Abba!”

Two cards came out stuck together today:

The Body –  the material world, health, and sometimes a blockage/stop

Fortune – Physical and Spiritual fortunes, seeking of fortune, good or bad fortune, The Seeker

Fehu Rune Stave – Cattle/Wealth – the ancient symbol for money with cattle being the currency of the Iron Age.  Can also mean fertility, good harvests, the Goddess Freya (love, war, fertility, intuition) but mostly this rune is about wealth and money (or spiritual power and wealth).

All three taken together suggest that weekend’s flagged Disaster is likely still ongoing and may have economics/currencies/money/wealth at its roots (or at least as a big part of it.

I have already read the “gold crashing” headlines today, and that is certainly a part of this energy – but I suspect something even bigger is going on  – just why is gold crashing and/or why is some of it being sold off?

The Body Card when read for an individual suggests health, but in this case I think it is the health of the over-all economic/world of fortunes.  I am not exactly sure how all this is going to play out in real terms, but Money, fortunes, blockages and possible “wars” (including the modern versions of cattle raids aka raids on banks, depositor’s savings, tax-payers, pension funds etc) are likely as well as real-time saber-rattling of the old-fashioned sort.

While this could be a signal that the whole house of cards is about to crash, my sense is more likely that one of the rooms is about to lose its roof and a retaining wall is about to start sagging.

In other-words not everything comes crashing down totally this week but the fatal cracks in the foundation are finally having a real-time effect with real-time consequences – not just something that can be ignored because it hides away underground.

For individuals, a much better prognosis for the day – a day to watch your finances yes and be careful – and anyone in the US knows this is the day when taxes are due; so that’s going to be on the minds of citizens there.  How much has been taken out and/or how much refund they are going to get can effect their mood and how they feel about money and fortunes today.

But in general, a good day for very cautious forms of personal investment though those buying houses and larger items may find a temporary road-blocks to their plans – these will probably not be permanent but could delay things enough to be annoying.

A good day for spiritual workings, medications, seeking of advice (from respected living humans and the other world); a good day for a medical check up, to be working in the medical fields (doctors, nurses, EMT’s etc) and a great day for farmers, especially cattle ranchers.

A good way to enjoy today’s energy if to plan and plant a garden or other sort of “seed” that can help you grow your fortunes.

However, pay attention to the outside news today, it could affect you – when in doubt, take care of your investments first – remember Cyprus – if things look scary take appropriate steps to protect you and your family – let FEHU/Wealth rune work for YOU and Yours, no  matter what may be going on around you.

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