Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 9, 2013


Today’s cards are once again highly positive for individuals so I’m going to continue starting with this part of the daily reading first.  It does seem we have entered a period of “fresh air” at least in terms of mostly positive energies for individual readers and I am delighted to see this!

The Beauty Card is a lovely young women who comes into the realization of her own beauty and her female powers, when she her own reflection in the mirror.  This is a great card for romance, female empowerment, self-worth in either gender, personal strength and awareness.  The downsides are vanity, becoming self-absorbed and miss-use of feminine power.

The Manaaz rune stave is translated as “Man/Men/Human/Humans” and is composed of two Wunjo (Joy) runes coming together.  While no rune is totally positive, this rune largely represents people working together on an equal footing, this can be anything from a marriage to a diplomatic treaty.

So for individuals today is a day of “Beauty and Joy through dealings with Others” – most likely those in your own family and kinship network as “Joy” for a Viking generally included both his/her extended family, a good harvest and a good battle once in a while. Made into a Manaaz rune, the family/friends/kinship aspects are even more powerful.

However (and there always is a however) in Current Events terms we once again see a powerful female force (or female identified nation) playing a powerful and possibly even seductive role in the affairs, treaties, partnership and alliances of “Men/Human Kind.”

Some of this again, I think is the focus on the death of Margret Thatcher which is still making headlines around the world and dredging up a lot of old issues that still have echoes to this day (including a powerful women leader in Argentina this time around, among other players).

But I don’t for a moment think this is all the reading is flagging, that is a symptom or an expression rather than the total cause.

My guess is that either a powerful women or female identified country (for example a Hillary Clinton/Angela Merkel or Mother Russia/Britannia/Lady Liberty) is about to play a very strong role in the affairs of mankind.

This could have a “beautiful” outcome if actions are taken from a grounding in self-worth and common sense (women’s intuition too); but they could be very ugly if they come from a place of selfishness, pride, vanity, refusal to pay attention to outside reality or worse an abuse of feminine powers.

I almost get the vision of one very striking women in a room mostly filled with men who focus on her because she is the most brightly lit and colorful object in the room.

All eyes are on her, she “has them where she wants them” what I can’t see is what she plans to “do” with them and that is the 64,000 dollar question.

Hopefully we will have some idea where all this is going within the next week or two – until then enjoy the great personal energy, keep an eye out for Current Event surprises (women can change their minds) but over-all enjoy this free-flowing good energy period while it lasts!

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