Card of the Day – Monday – April 8, 2013


Today’s reading has a rather interesting twist, when I first tried to shuffle the cards with my usual question “What is the most important energy/energies affecting the World/Western word for the next 24 to 48 hours” I got The Message Card.

I put the Message Card back because all is usually does is strongly point out the card beside it and I really only wanted one card.

I shuffled the cards a second time and drew:

The Message Card – so I have given up and gone with the flow and put the card first in this reading.  The Message card usually packs a punch and says “This IS THE MESSAGE – LISTEN TO IT” in shouted capital letters.

So, with that out-of-the-way we know the message is:

Union (same card as on Friday) – lovers/relationships/Unions of all sorts/Countries with Union or United in the current or former names/Labor Unions/Companies with Union or United in their name (United Fruit Company for example).  The EU often comes up with this card and it may be the focus of today’s energy but I am not certain on that point.

Berkano is the Rune: Berkano is the Birch Tree, the symbol for Birth (similar to the Birth card in the Psy Card Deck) also  Mother’s Breasts, Mother Goddess, Female energy, healing, sometimes the Angry Mother or Aborted Birth (aka The Earth Mother is not happy with you today).

For individuals, this is a fantastic combinations of energy – a day when relationships can be born, strengthened and expanded.  A day when it is possible for intense spiritual unions via planned worship, meditation or other creative practices.  A great day to start a new project, especially for artists bring ideas together in “Unity.”

Also a good day to organize a labor strike or any sort of Union related work – for a few hours at least, the “Cards” may be on your side.

That said, internationally these cards worry me, especially since they seem to extend Friday’s Weekend Reading only we have yet to see the “Hail Strike” of disruption that was forecast there.  Hopefully, this means the “window” for the “strike” has passed (be it an “Natural” disaster or human caused one) but because the cards continue on in the same vein, my personal response is to give it a week or so before deciding we got off “easy” this time.

Berkano, has some associations that are similar to the Fool Card (starting over or starting anew) and in the Weekend Reading it did not appear that such a “start” was necessarily for the best, long-term future.  We can only wait and see, but this reading suggests strongly:

Some Union is about to be born, revised or affected by the Mother(Earth?), that is the MESSAGE, pay attention to it!!!

Other ways this energy is already playing out in Current Events is the Death of Mrs. Thatcher in the UK – love her or hate her, she was a powerful Female figure who influenced a “United Kingdom” in her role as “Mom” for a number of years.  A lot of energy will be focused today and tomorrow on this topic, including her State funeral and written tributes, obituaries and commentaries (positive and negative).

Until she is laid to rest, she is likely to be the strong focus of some of this energy; though I wouldn’t take my eyes of many other sorts of Unions (or potential Unions) including Korea, Germany, the EU, Russia (former Soviet Union), the United States and some large corporations/banks as well.

Since Monday and in this case, the past weekend’s reading seem to be setting the “tone” for the week; I suspect this energy to continue either until the Hail storm “hits” or things glide down more gently into another energy stream.