Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 3, 2013

There seems to be a problem with the psy card site, they may be re-doing their site or taking down their card images, I have noticed that all card images done by URL’s have left my site and even the main pages at Pyscards are not loading.

There is no way I can go back and re-ad all the cards for 2 1/2 years worth of readings if this has gone down permanently.  For today, I will read with a card description and hope I can borrow a scanner to make personal copies of my deck, but that may be awhile.

I have been thinking of some time to expanding these readings to include more standard tarot anyway (after 30 years I’m finally learning that system) so if the problems continue I may add a tarot card sooner than planned.

In any event, here is today’s short reading while I try to figure out my next move:

Card: The Castle (Tower) unlike the Tower in a Tarot Deck the Castle card is usually a good card.  It is the Card of the Fortress, protection defense and security.

Rune: Eiwaz2Yew Tree, World Tree, connections between man and the Divine, Eternal Life, The Otherworld, Prayer, Shamanic Trance

Taken together this suggests a day when internationally (especially in North America and Europe) the main focus will be on defense probably both military and economic.

The rune – stave suggests the situation is serious enough to affect the “World Tree” and that seeking Divine Guidance (or help from the ancestors, including the study of history) would be a very good decision on the part of the powers involved.

For individuals, a day to strengthen your personal and physical defenses, protection exercises are especially strong today as are protective meditations and charms.

A good day to focus on organizing and holding onto the things you have, an inward focused day, rather than an outward focused one.

The Yew Tree rune, also suggests a day when any sort of personal spiritual work is likely to be powerful and intimate.

A really good day for prayers, meditations and reflections.



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