Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 29-31,2013


Well, the word I think best describes this weekend’s energy is “Woosh!” The sound of wind whipping past our ears as events suddenly are whisked from being rather stuck and dreary to wild and exiting.

The Liberation card suggests something (or Peoples/Tribes/Nations) breaking out – something that was blocked has become unstuck, the prison is open, things are let loose, escape from constriction etc.

The Tree-The World Tree again, this time as the Tree card – whatever is going on is still likely to affect the Tree/Tree of Life/World Tree – this could point to economics but it could be something(ones) else that breaks free and starts things off for an intense and wild ride.

The Father Card suggests there is some direction (or directed by) energy to all this madness.  The Father is showing his son how to shoot and the direction to point the bow, he will let the child actually shoot the arrow.

This suggestions a situation where someone in authority is calling the shots but  letting the “child/minion/underling/employee etc) do the actually shooting at the targets.

The rune Raido – litter means riding – either by land on a horse or by a ship at sea; for some reason I am drawn more to the ocean based version today, suggesting that ships (of all kinds both air and sea) may be an aspect of this energy.  This could be anything from shipping (speeding up/slowing down) to something using ships/planes/trains/cars/horses to transport what is being liberated.

I get two feelings on this reading, one is in terms of economics/currencies/money suggesting the “fathers” are trying to direct  a “break out” (either continued stock-market run or something else like currencies) but it may “run away” with them once the gate is opened and the horse bolts.

The other is North Korea, where I think the “hand of the Father” (or perhaps uncle/perhaps larger country) is putting pressure on Grand-Baby Kim to act warlike and aggressive.  Once again, the danger here is the energies are all lined up for something to happen by accident or “race” out of control once things break out.

This does not HAVE to happen and hopefully it won’t happen but it could happen, depending on just how the “son” shoots that arrow and where he ends up pointing it.

The “Fathers” in North Korea should pay careful attention to this energy (as should any country who thinks they are actually directing this mess) because that Liberation energy once free, is not easily stuffed back into the box it came from.

For individuals, a great energy weekend; with things seeming to Spring back to life after a long, dreary week of endless gray.  People are likely to feel perkier, more awake, more grounded, reading to shoot off into the unknown and to travel.  Both physical and spiritual journeys will find favor this weekend, enjoy the rush, just remember not to drive to fast, or if caught in the rip-tide relax and go with the flow, fighting can bring you down, but floating will bring you to shore.

That’s this weekend’s cards and runes, if you are interested in a private reading via Skype/Phone or in person in Ireland click here!

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