Card of the Day – Thursday – March 28, 2013


Today’s Cards are:

The Inquirer – the person asking the question, in this case myself and the readers of the blog/the world

The Stars – Making connections, pieces falling into place, reaching out for that which is beyond us, reaching for the stars, dreams coming into being.

The rune stave is:

Eiwaz – The Yew Tree, The World Tree, The connections between this world and the other world, prayer, seeking spiritual guidance, connections

This reading is very interesting, especially because while yesterday I could not do a blog post, I pulled a card and a rune.  The Card was the Cave (depression, with drawl, sadness, retreat) and the rune was also Eiwaz.

I’m mentioning this because it is unusual to have the same rune 2 days running (there are 24 of them after all) and this rune has not shown up all that often.  Yesterday I suggested it was likely an indicator of a way out of the cave; by making connections with the other world, while staying grounded in this one.

Today I think the energy is still about that, but also the rune’s aspect of the World Tree/Yew Tree, which is very similar to the Tree Card.  Regular readers of this blog may remember that the Tree Card in the March 15th Reading (the Friday before the whole Cyprus crises started) aka Beware the Ides of March, suggested at threat (Thorn/Prick/Giants/Thurse) to the World Tree.

I had a powerful sense that this threat was economic (at least partly)and that would be so serious it would “shake the World Tree.”

The energies in the March 15th reading were similar to those today: World Tree, Inquirer together but instead of a Yes Card with the Thurisaz rune (giants/prick/thorn/difficulty/powerful forces) TODAY we have the Inquirer, THE STARS, and the World Tree rune stave.

These two readings are very close but not identical but I think that one has led to the other.

Today’s Stars card suggests that TODAY will be the day that many connections will start to be made and come together, things that started to first appear (at least energy wise) on the weekend of March 15 – 17th. 

Events that started breaking out on a small Island at the edge of Europe but do indeed seem to be spiraling out to shake the very World Tree (or at least the world of Economics/Currencies/Trade and probably eventually employment/depression).

As I speculated on the 15th, these energies may not be solely about the Economy, in fact the Stars card today suggests connections being made on many levels including the Spiritual, especially with the Yew Tree rune staying in place for 48 hours and opening windows for connection with the Divine and the world(s) beyond.

The Stars card and the Yew Tree/World Tree also hint that this could be a day with interesting news on the Space exploration front, a good day for star-gazing and astrological explorations (the physical world and the other world again).

For individuals, in addition to watching the night sky, this is a good day for taking stock and making connections between the various threads and people in your life.

The Inquirer plus Stars Card combination can also be a strong hint to “follow your dreams and reach for the stars” with the Yew Tree Rune indicating that Divine/Spiritual guidance should be sought when doing so.

So while this may be a somewhat rough and difficult time period energy wise, it is by no means a hopeless time; in fact there is a lot of Hope and Expectations in this reading.

Use those in your personal life, watch the news and react only as you personal circumstances demand but otherwise a day for connecting, planning and dreaming; getting ready to move those dreams into reality when the window opens up for them to manifest.


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