Card of the Day Late Edition-Monday-March 25, 2013

I had a rather long day today – so I’m just now getting to the card reading but since things have been moving so quickly in the Current Events world I wanted to at least do a quick check in.

I think the Cards Liberation and No, almost speak for themselves…

On the Liberation Card we see the young couple escaping jail and fleeing together to freedom on horse back.  A wonderful card, suggesting an end to bondage, physical and/or mental entrapment and physical/mental/spiritual freedom.

Sadly the NO card throws all this in our faces, while I think individuals can simply prepare themselves for another rather dull and frustrating day(s) as this energy probably goes through at least part of tomorrow – I think on a Current Events level this is much more worrying.

Both in regards to the events in Cyprus – which is not now actually rescued and free but still imprisoned and in terms of various political and physical conflicts dotting the Earth at the moment, many supposedly in the name of Liberation.

These cards suggest bad news for places like Syria, Cyprus, Spain, Catalonia, Egypt, China and even the US where issues of Freedom and/or independence have been issues, some of which have come to violence.

I think these cards are also about the EU as a whole, especially given the way that last week’s readings seemed to be centered on that topic (and world economics in general).

This could also mean, on an economic level that stocks, currencies etc, are not going to “liberate themselves” into runs quite yet; though they may be under pressure to do so.

It also suggests that any attempts to “liberate” money in bank runs are likely to be met with a wall of negative actions to try to prevent that from happening.

Remember, this energy should hold for about 24 to 48 hours, but Monday’s often set the tone for the week (the other reason I’m doing a late reading).

So this whole week looks to be setting us up both personally and international for a push-pull of forces trying to break out and a big negative wall that tries to prevent them from doing so.

Not a good week to plan an exciting vacation break-away but perhaps a good time to continue to center on the home and what is already inside it.  Instead of a prison, make it a place of warmth and safety this week.