Card of the Day – Early Edition – Wednesdy 3/20/13

Since I’m back on the medication that is keeping me awake again, I decided to do another early edition reading and may do so again over the next week or two.

Also, one of my runes has gone “walkies” (Berkano – Birth, the Birch Tree), so I decided to pull two cards until the situation is sorted.  Instead, the last two cards stuck together and as you can see, one of them is the Birth Card, which suggests we discovered the rune was missing just in time.

Taking the three cards together:

Money – Birth – Now

My instant take on this is that right now money is being “born” or something “new” about money is coming into the picture.

I think this is all about what is going on in Cyprus, where whatever happens, something “new” is going to be put in place (even if it is just a “new” bailout) – I’m wondering if this will be a “new” currency but it is hard to tell.

This may also be about the long-term repercussions of this situation, something hinted at in last Friday’s reading (Beware the Ides of March).

I have to point out that the Now Card has a lot of images of harvesting as in “what you sow, so you shall reap..” So while there are good aspects of this, there could also be a bitter harvest for some and very soon.

For individuals, the energy is a nice shift from yesterdays rather dull and frozen energy. 

They can concentrate on the good sides of money being made (born) and the wonderful harvest images on the Now card,  these may prove delightful for those who have made good choices in what they planted (especially in their personal economic plans but also as life in general).

A perfect day to start or plan out a garden, being both the Spring Equinox and an expression of both the money card (the farmer is plowing) and the now card (the harvesting of the produce).

Also, unlike yesterday, a pretty good time for individuals to plan any new project especially those that involve money or business.  The will start out with a positive energy starting with the day of their “birth.”

I still however, would avoid going after the really creative stuff until the dust settles, but money wise this is the start of a lot of things – and you can do your best to make your personal situation positive.

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