Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 19, 2013


Today’s Card is The Moon (Dreams/Secrets revealed/Unconscious Mind) and the rune is Isa (Ice/Frozen/Locked).

There are two primary ways this energy is likely to express itself in currents events today:

The Secrets (or Dreams) are Frozen/locked and/or

The Dreams/Secrets/Unconscious Mind is Ice Up/Frozen Locked.

There is also the slight possibility that this could be about the actual moon and ice – in terms either of real world weather  (storms etc.) or discovery (a story about ice found on the moon would fit perfectly).

My guess is that a lot of things today (and tomorrow) are likely to “freeze up” both in terms of money/currency/economic matters and in terms of dreams/secrets are frozen (movie deals crash, corporations are not moving, and voices of those revealing secrets and information are frozen (or put on ice).

This last feels really strong, I would not want to be a whistle-blower or muckraker of any sort today, especially one trying to get a story out.

Also, look for information (and possibly bank accounts) to “freeze-up” in the world of finance and banking (especially about Cyprus).

Meanwhile, for individuals this is a day for caution, a day when you may feel rather dull, tired and unconnected to your dreams (both sleep wise and those you dream for your future).

This is normal, this is the energy of this period of time; fear not, the world and your brain are not really frozen, they just might feel like it for a while.

Writers, Artists and others who make their living through creative pursuits are best sticking with planned projects (or working on paperwork today) rather than trying to force new paths of creative expression.  This energy is going to fight you all the way, better a day spent doing some dull editing, touching up a painting or just going to the park is likely to prevent the need for throwing things out later.

However, all is not lost, the moon is still there and ice does melt, it doesn’t stay there forever.  So just focus on the every day, mundane, even trivial (but hopefully fun) aspects of life today and you should be fine.  This will pass, until they why not watch a funny movie or listen to some inspiring music to help pass the time and wait for the meltdown?


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