Card of the Day – Monday – March 11, 2013


Two cards fell out of the deck today and landed on my keyboard and they are Birth and Death – with the Rune stave being Fehu (Wealth/Fertility).

That’s a pretty “epic” energy to start out the week with, and suggests for some pretty strong movement in the world of Current Events, especially anything involving money, economics or even agriculture (as Fehu literally means cattle, the wealth of the Ancient Tribal Peoples in the Northland).

Great Fortunes may be won or lost this week; with new corporations, ideas, systems coming into being and others being lost forever – the Death card meaning both the actual physical death of living creatures as well as the final ending of non-living beings and situations.

Fehu also means fertility as well as wealth, with the increase of both livestock and children being important forms of wealth to ancient agricultural Peoples.

Look for stories about babies, populations, fertility, deaths, diseases, livestock and agriculture this week.  Along with stories about business, economics, corporations and even the wealth of nations being affected in both positive and negative ways.

There is a hint of “warfare/conflict over wealth” here as well, especially given last weeks cards.  Players lining up to see who “wins” and who “looses” in a giant world-wide game of chess that may be starting to line up on the board.

But mostly, for this week, I see possible changes in great wealth and fortunes changing very quickly, some to gain and others to lose.

A week of New Beginnings and Sudden Final Endings...

Not a calm week at all, at least not on a macro scale, for individuals a week when wealth/money/investments may also come to the forefront of life.  A good time to review you situation and start new habits when they are required and ditch old ones that are not working.  Remember that wealth and fertility are more than just modern concepts of money but also about families, having enough resources (like home, garden, food, water, pets etc) to make life comfortable.

Probably not a good week to make new or serious monetary investments unless you are an experienced trader and know exactly what you are doing. 

This week is a very dicey time, one where both great gains and great losses are out there. 

For most people, a good time to just step back and watch this play out with a bowl of popcorn and their own “wealth” secure in those things they already need for now, sitting beside them (possibly under a mattress if things start looking too hairy, otherwise just keep an eye on things).

I am an intuitive psychic, not a financial planner so not qualified to give individual advice here; but this whole week has risk written all over it.  So don’t gamble what you can’t lose, keep your personal wealth (of all kinds) close at hand and easy to access.  Buying a bit ahead (if you can afford it) would not be a bad idea right now, be ready for new things in all areas of life (birth) and the ending of others (death), concentrate on the good things  you have (wealth) and don’t worry about the rest (for now).

Should be an interesting week, since Monday readings often set the stage for how the energies will play out over the next few days.

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