Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 8-10, 2013


This weekend’s cards are: Work, The Liar and The Stranger while the rune-stave is Kenaz (Torch or Boil).

This weekend seems to be building on Wednesday’s Work-Hagalaz (Hail Stone/Strike/Shatter) reading, only this time the energy affecting Work (Physical or Spiritual/Employment/Jobs is The Liar.  The Liar can be a person, a distraction or even a situation but the important thing to remember is that it is false.  Sometimes The Liar appears as a clown to distract us from the “man behind the curtain” other-times the Liar may be something that is presented falsely or a person who is in fact telling us a lie.

Being with the Stranger Card is interesting, once again the Stranger can be a person (new person) element (new thing) or new situation that affects what is (and has been going on).  It is Interesting, these last two cards came out stuck together and whenever I tried to reverse the order (they were still upside down) it simply would not let me.  This suggests that something about the lie will affect or bring forth The Stranger on the world/work/unemployment stage, this person(s)/element/idea may come forth out of great need or simply because something (information?) simply can’t be contained any longer.

This is because the rune-stave is Kenaz which means either torch (made of fire it is the most ancient form of lighting, and can be see as “lighting the way,”) or something erupting (a boil, that is coming to ahead and will explode will all the pus and infection coming out but also being cleaned out).  Boils are no fun, but they do rid the body of an infection by causing temporary pain and indeed, a lot of mess.   But once over the body can heal itself, the fever tends to go down and life returns to normal, although often leaving a scar that never quite heals.

Taken together, with the rest of the this past weeks reading; my first guess is that the US Employment numbers are somehow false or not telling the entire story.  Other things about work/employment may also be false (and playing out differently in other nations) but this is the one that stands out.

Soon a Stranger – either a person or a new situation is going bring this either by “lighting a torch” or by “bringing it all to a head,” most likely some of both.

I like to think of Kenaz as the Volcano rune, because of its eruptive qualities and the fact that it looks like a sideways volcano.  So, there are also hints that physical forces could also help “bring things to erupt in a boil” such as storms, earthquakes, volcanoes etc; and this could affect “work” too.

All in all, I would say that the signs of “recovery” are premature and that they won’t be allowed to be proclaimed for very long.

On a personal level, this weekend is mixed; with a focus on getting work done, avoiding false or miss-leading voices and being open to new people and ideas.  Also be aware that things may be building up in you personal life as well as the over-all world scene, so focus on the Kenaz energy as the torch that lights the darkness instead of the boil that burns and your weekend is more likely to pass in harmony and brightness.





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