Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 6, 2013


Today’s Card is work (jobs, employment, spiritual or mental work) and the rune-stave is Nautiz (need, need fire, desperation).

Taken together there are two basic levels that this combination is calling out to me today.

1. The most obvious – Work/Jobs/Employment are in a situation of dire need/distress/desperation.

2. The Second not as obvious – there is a desperate need for great amounts of “Spiritual work” to be done now! Mental work (clear thinking, common sense, good judgment, forethought before actions, study, etc) are also required.

I think both of these energy patterns “work” together, but what is unusual is the strong pull I’m getting towards the second (and less common) interpretation.

I’m also getting a very intense feeling that if “needed work” is avoided or delayed, much worse may occur both in the areas of national/international employment and in other Current Events areas with War/Conflict leaping forward (especially based on the earlier readings so far this week).  However, it isn’t just war that is niggling the back of my brain, but all sorts of issues (including economic) that have got to be “worked on or else” the card and rune appear to be saying.

In personal terms, this combination is playing out in the lives of everyone affected by layoffs, unemployment, economic hardship (especially those based on unemployment or under-employment) and those who love and/or depend on them.

It also flags very high on the level of concerns for those who may still be fully employed but are afraid of the current economic downturns which look set to continue until the problems are really “worked” on.

However, this is  also a call for personal spiritual and mental needs that need to be met, not everyone is deficient in this ares; but even those whose spiritual and mental houses are well-exercises and oiled may want to take today as a time for a bit more reflection, meditation and study.

Finally, whatever event(s) or situation this weeks earlier cards seem to be pointing too (be they Winter Storms or actual Warfare/Conflicts) today’s combination warns us there will be a lot of “work” associated with them (of all kinds).

So use today’s some what desperate energy to drive yourself just a bit harder to get done what you need to do.

And don’t forget, the Need-fire in the Ancient Days might also be the Hearth-Fire that kept every warm when the cold became life-threatening. 

Attending to your “need-fire” now, building it bright and supplying it with fuel can help a great deal when the Bad Weather roles in, no matter what the cause.

That’s today’s reading, if you would like a private reading please click here for more information – readings can be done by Skype, Phone, E-mail or in-person if in Ireland.



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