Card of the Day – Monday – March 4, 2013


Today’s Card is The Warrior and the rune-stave is Hagalaz (hail stone)…

This is a powerful, strong, forceful and active combination that is likely to play out in a number of ways.

The Warrior Card is often the man in a romance reading (the ultimate “tall, dark and handsome” card) so it can simply mean a strong, powerful, determined and perhaps somewhat controlling male (or sometimes female) person.  But it can also mean exactly what it says on the card; a warrior or war-like person and/or war itself; especially defensive war as you can see on the card the warrior is protecting and watching the camp, he is not fighting yet, but he is ready to so at a moments notice.

Combined with the Hagalaz rune (hail, sudden strike, shatter), if this was a relationship reading I’d be getting out the tissues and getting ready to hear the client talk about their coming divorce or break up (which they probably already know is happening).  They would be telling me how “suddenly it happened” and how it “came out of the blue.”

This is no way means all my readers are going to have a relationship break up today, in fact the “sudden hail stone” can just as easily be positive news as a negative frozen snow ball; but the energy is all their today for surprise “hits” that “shatter” things in our lives a bit.  But because this energy impact is so strong, powerful and sudden; it is the sort of day when “bolts from the blue” can be expected and a breath of relief taken if your personal day passes by untouched.

For a current events reading, the first thing I thought when I saw this combination was “sudden war/hail strike” and yet I don’t sense any personal premonitions of horrible danger.  But that aside, the energy is there today for sudden battles, strikes, bombings, “lighting” strikes, shattering actions etc., etc..If I were living in a war zone, I’d be looking for a nice hole to hide in for the day if I could.

Of course, battles/strikes/hail/shattering energies don’t have to involve the literal use of weapons; even when the warrior energy is involved they can still be boardroom corporate coos, unexpected losses (or even deaths) of those in power, accidents or incidents that are “game changers” for  Persons/Peoples/Tribes/Nations/National Unions etc.

Finally, while the Warrior is usually a human being(s) controlled person(s)/National Entity; it can be an impersonal object or something like a storm (especially a named one or an Ice/Hail storm) Volcano, Meteor, Earthquake, Tsunami etc., that is unexpected.

If today’s early morning asteroid flyby, which was unexpected and sudden had actually hit the earth; it would fit today’s energy perfectly and in fact still does in a way.  The Warrior was a “threat” that The Watchman could see and it did come about for a possible unexpected strike, but thankfully passed us on hurtling towards a new target (for the moment empty space).

So we have a lot of very strong, power and active energy today; one that can strike people suddenly for good or ill with things that are unexpected and possibly shattering/life altering.

Today is a good day to be watchful, aware of your surroundings and careful; but also open to new ideas, situations and relationships that might have seemed difficult or impossible even yesterday.

When possible, if things hit that are beyond your control; do only what you must to deal with the urgent situation and then try wait for the dust to settle before deciding what to do next.

If the situation demands it: become The Warrior and the Hail Strike all on your own, but only do this if you are willing to pick up the pieces afterwards.



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