Card of the Day – Weekend Edition- March 1-3, 2013


My computer just ate a very long and detailed post for this weekend, which I simply am not up to doing all over again.

The Summer of this reading was that the Moon (hidden information coming out/dreams) The Liar (something false/a lie/distraction) and The Union Card (a Union/Marriage/Countries which are “Unions”/other sorts of alliances) with the Othala Rune (Ancestral Homeland/Associations with Greater Germany/Odin/Homeland/Inheritance) suggest a weekend when countries or Unions will be affected by hidden information and lies/falsehoods or distractions.

Pay particular attention to “Greater Germany/EU” areas, countries with United in their current or former names:The United States, The (former) Soviet Union, The European Union, The United Nations etc.  You can extend this out to corporations like Union Carbide or actual Union (like The Federal Employees Union) etc.

What I am not sure of is if the hidden information/dreams are exposing the lies or are the lies or a bit of both – look for a lot of media “distractions this weekend on both sides of the Atlantic (and all over the world, including Japan).

The Othala rune in its “inheritance/home land” role can also target some Earth movements or changes like volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, bad weather and even famines (anything that affects the home land).  It can also be about actual inherited money and/or resources especially national treasures.

For individuals, this is a good weekend for focusing on Dreams and Singles from the Unions in our lives (especially romantic partners) and to pay attention to matters of property both physical and spiritual.

Also a time to pay attention to your own dreams and visions, but vet them very carefully for possibly confused or irrelevant information.