Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 27, 2013


Today’s card is work (both physical and spiritual) and the rune-stave is Kenaz (torch or boil).

An interesting combination that can be highly positive or highly negative depending on how the two energies play out.  The Work card usually means mundane work (as in jobs/employment) but can also mean spiritual and mental work (like studying).  The rune Kenaz can be either “torch” (as a light in the darkness) or a boil (something coming to a head), I like to think of it as the “Volcano rune” because it looks like a sideways cone and often signifies something rising to the surface (like magma).

So, one way this energy combination can play out is work/employment/study is going down a well-lit or inspirational path (light bulb goes off after study/work is easier than usual/light at the end of the unemployment tunnel).  This is a way I feel individuals can work this energy, especially when taken together with yesterday’s combination of Money and Gebo (money and gift).

This is still  a very good time to look for a raise, try to solve a vexing problem or put in yet another job application (because there may be a light in the dark this time).

On the other hand, the other way to read this combination is: Work/Employment/Unemployment issues “come to a head” or are about to “boil over,” and/or are “lighting a torch.”

Once again, I think this is more of how Current Events may be playing out – which is not to say there will not be news stories like today’s slightly improved employment figures here in Ireland or other good news bits elsewhere.  If they are going to happen this week, today is the likely day for it.

But just as likely is conflict, rising levels of anger and frustration and other “erupting emotions” that can no longer be easily contained.  I get the sense that some particular issue or issues are about to come roaring up to hit the world of work/employment/jobs/unemployment right smack in the face.

This is likely to happen quite suddenly, after a long period of slowly rising to the surface (like a boil or volcano).  It will not be something that can be ignored and could easily take the shape of riots and other violence in some places.

This doesn’t have to happen, as I said the energy is also there for vast improvements and torches lighting the way forward towards a new stability.  Expect some of both the positive and negative versions of today’s energy; but try for the positive in your own life but be aware of the negatives as well.

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