Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 26, 2013

Back after my minor surgery, it is likely that posts will be shorter this week, I’m better but taking it easy for the most part.

Now that said, today’s card is Money and the rune-stave is Gebo (Gift/marriage) and for individuals can make for a fantastic energy day.  Look for money to flow easier than it usually would and it is even possible for “gifts” of money to suddenly appear.  So be on the look out for unexpected checks, pennies on the floor and a lower electric bill – not all of these will happen to any one person, but this is the sort of energy around today.  A wonderful day if you are expecting an inheritance or have a chance for a pay raise; the energy is on your side for a good outcome.

Current events wise, the energy could still be used for good, but I feel  this is only in a temporary phase that Money energy is going though.  The combination of Money and Gebo is also about marriages and partnerships as well as gifts; and I think that there is likely to be some issues in that regard.

The Italian election has already upset the EU this morning and other similar “marriages” of money may be in the news over the next few days.

There may also be money coming up internationally as “gifts” in the news, both in terms of charities and currency partnerships in unusual places. Look for stories about “giving” and “charities” both good and bad, over the next few days.

Despite yesterday’s down turn, I would say the energy is there for a good stock market day even if the situation doesn’t last long (hard to tell at this point).

Also, be on the lookout for stories that involved inheritances, charities, gifts, loans and other ways that money/currency/economies can be seen as “giving” or “partnering” today.

There is also a sense of “taxes” going on here, and hints of the “sequester” situation in the US – one can hope this means a solution may be “given,” but that’s hard to tell just from this reading.  The energy is there for one, but congress and the US President will have to work pretty fast if they want to take advantage of it.

That’s all for today’s reading, anyone wishing a private reading can contact me here.




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