Card of the Day Special Edition-Week Feb 19-24,2013


This is another experimental weekly reading, since I have a minor medical procedure this week and may not be able to do daily cards.  But rather than just let things slide, I decided to do an over-all reading for the main energy themes of the week.

Looking at this combination of The Beauty, Work The Liar and Eiwaz (Yew Tree) I think it likely the major theme of this week will be a continued effort on the part of governments and organizations to play up the idea of an improving economy and over-all economic situation world-wide (but especially in North America and Europe).

While there will be a lot of talk about improvements, getting out of or staying out of recessions, improved jobs figures, currency wars sorted etc; in reality the liar card suggests this is all pretty much false.  Not necessarily on every level and in every case, but by and large the warning is to beware the man behind the curtain.  The Joker (aka the Powers the Be) want you to watch his distractions (TV shows, news stories about movie and pop stars, sports etc) not what is going on directly behind him.

The Eiwaz rune is also interesting because it suggests the links between “Earth and the Heavens” as well as protection; perhaps one way individuals can get around all the lies and false information is to renew their own connections with their own “inner-voice” and asking for the protective shielding of the Other Word.  This is a week when communications between Our World and the Beyond are likely to be more easily accessed, which is a good thing because with all the Liar energy out there, getting straight answers from Earth-based sources may be difficult in the extreme.

The other issue that may be targeted by the cards is the whole concept of jobs/work/employment; which is likely to be the direct target of a lot of the miss-information that comes out.  The news will be presented as “beautiful” but it really will not be, and those with the right connections will be able to see exactly what is going on.

The Beauty Card also has aspects of self-centered vanity or self-absorption suggesting that those who are doing OK, may be inclined to ignore the over-all problems around them until it hits them in the face.

Now for individuals, this is a week where keeping connected and in a good spiritual state is likely to help a great deal when dealing with the mundane world.  Jobs are going to be a particular issue for a lot of people this week, including people who thought their situation was secure and found out it was not.  Spiritual work is also likely to be affected, but the power of the Eiwaz rune will help a great deal in over-coming the Liar card when it comes to meditation and spiritual growth.

Also, because all three energies are at play this week, individuals can concentrate in the personal lives on both Beauty (lovely things, wonderful idea, good thoughts etc) and Work (finding things that need doing, keeping busy etc) and testing information that comes in before applying it (hopefully avoiding lies and liars both).  The Eiwaz rune should help making spiritual connections that make all this possible.

That’s at least a summary of what to look for this week, if I’ve improved enough by weeks end I may do a couple of extra readings as the week unfolds, but at least there’s some head’s up as to what is on the way.


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