Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 15-17, 2013


This weekend’s Cards are an interesting mix of The Libido (life force/sexuality/display combat) Destruction (destruction or a final ending) and Work (usually mundane jobs but can be spiritual work).

The rune-Stave is Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate)

Taken all together this suggests a weekend when the “Dice may roll” in any direction and the future is uncertain.

On a current events level there is something out there that could contribute to the destruction of both sexuality/reproduction and probably jobs (or workplaces) as well.  Since the Libido card itself has aspects of display combat/conflict and death sneaking in under the radar (the snake in the grass) there is the possibility of actual war/combat/battles and/or distraction from urgent danger (the display of the peacocks deflects notice of the deadly snake).

So there is a sense of possible distraction from Destruction as well as the libido being itself destroyed.

The Work card suggests that something out there is a real danger to work/jobs/employment if this destruction takes place.  There is probably a threat to spiritual work as well, but I don’t sense that as strongly.

Finally the “Dice Cup” or “Fate Rune” indicates a time period where anything can happen, where the dice will roll as they will and that the future is still unformed.

Many people (including me) associate this run with Loki the Trickster, who is in no way an evil figure in the traditional sense, but an Old Fashioned Trickster God with many surprises.  Thus, whatever is actually happening this weekend, the outcome is likely to be somewhat surprising and unexpected.

For individuals, the weekend is a really mixed bag – but they can choose to channel the power of “Destruction” towards useful ends like cleaning up the area for a new garden or destroying the evil rings around the toilet bowl.  Doing the sort of work directed at creating life (and life force/libido) can go a long way towards keeping the simple power of general destructiveness channeled in a more productive direction.

There may be no way to avoid all of this rather strange energy combination, this is not a weekend I would want to start a new romance or a new job if I could help it.  If I couldn’t, I would concentrate on the creative aspects of Destruction (tearing down in order to rebuild, replace, reuse) and the sometimes quirky and delightful “tricks” that fate can play on us – not all of which are unpleasant, just unexpected.

All in all, it looks like a “Loki” weekend, when we can all hope for laughter with others as the final outcome. and not having the joke land on top of us instead.