Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 14, 2013


Today’s cards came out stuck together, the first card is the same as yesterday’s, that is Money, but it now has The Puzzle (a decision that must be made) right along side it.  Instead of the Ice rune (frozen/stuck) we had yesterday we now have Sowilo (Sun/Strength/Lightning).

There is actually an Old Iceland Rune Poem about Sowilo and Isa (or the Sun and Ice) and I think it is relevant to quote here:

ᛋ Sól er skýja skjöldr
ok skínandi röðull
ok ísa aldrtregi.
rota siklingr.

Sun is the shield of the clouds
and shining ray
and destroyer of ice.

This suggests highly, that at least on a current events/international scales that a major decision is being made (probably behind the scenes) to do something that will unfreeze and/or attempt to stop a freeze, of money/currencies/wealth etc.  It could also mean that this decision, melts or enables something to flow that was previously dammed or held up – allow a rush on something (like a bank run in the negative or a stock market rise in the positive).

I am not sure exactly what this decision is, but it feels like currency manipulation and/or something related directly to money/currencies in some way.

But I can’t ignore the face that the Money card also represents wealth it its older form of commodities like food or precious metals like the silver coins buried on the card.  So it is also possible that this decision could affect products (like oil, agriculture, medicines etc) and precious metals like gold, silver and copper (along with their prices and availability).

What ever it is, the start contrast between yesterday’s Ice and Today’s sun are creating the perfect energies for a sudden moving on a previously stuck monetary situation. 

The only question is will it be a gentle relaxation or a melt down? I think that is what this decision, one that MUST be made (there are only two doors on the card) may determine.

If it is an actual currency(s) at stake here, the Sun card suggests an attempt may be made in regards to the strength(s) of said currencies; but that isn’t certain.  The lighting aspect of the rune also suggests it is possible (but not certain) that something could “strike” quite suddenly and unexpectedly (at least unexpected by those outside of the decision-making process).

It is also to be remembered, that not making a decision can also turn into a decision – so while I think it is likely whatever the situation is, is being debating behind close doors; not coming to an agreement is not going to solve this problem either.

Either by design or default the sun is going to come out, the lightning with strike and the ice be melted.

For individuals this energy is largely positive and suggests that yesterday’s “stuck” monetary energy has now passed and that things are likely to flow more freely today.  Do beware of the “lightning strikes” though, as that energy is here too; especially in regards to making decisions about money.  Things are likely to happen suddenly and with great force both positively (like getting a new job) or negatively (like being lay off).

Banking should be easier today and it isn’t a bad day to make the same sorts of business and monetary decisions that yesterday were quite risky.  In fact the Money-Decision-Sun combination if very positive for this sort of personal adventure – a good day to ask for a loan, a raise or decide on buying a major appliance.  Just be open to surprises, because they may happen.