The Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 12, 2013


Today’s card is The Scales (a decision/Tipping Point/Weighed in the Balance) and the rune-stave is Wunjo – (Joy/Joy with Others/Clan Banner/Ancestors)

This combination indicates that on a Current Events level, something is being “weighed in the Balance” or decided that will affect the Joy (and interactions) of individuals/Tribes and nations.  The Joy rune is both Joy in/with other people (especially family and ancestors) but also the Battle Flag/Clan banner or “Joy through combat.”

I feel the choice being weighed here is what type of “Joy” is most likely to be expressed widely in the next few days/weeks/months here – Joy with family and friends or the Warrior style of “Joy” through battle/conflict?

Usually the Scales card also indicates a decision that the individual asking the question can not make themselves or is not free to totally make for themselves.  For example if this shows up in an employment reading, it can mean that the answer is not yet decided as the person doing the hiring has not yet made a decision.  If the interview is over, there isn’t really anything the client can do but wait to see where the scales drop and that is pretty much what I think the card is saying here.

This is a time of “tipping-points” when a lot of things (and especially on major thing) could be decided either way – and individuals probably can’t do a whole lot about that except wait and see how the scales fall.

On the other hand, while that same decision energy is working in personal lives (including job selection) we can all choose to use the personal aspects of the Wunjo/Joy rune to create as much real Joy in relationships, family and friends as possible during this time period.

It is also likely that the scales card indicates that many people may have some serious choices on what type of “Joy” they are finding and with “whom.”  The Scales card is often about weighing up all the options before making a final choice – reviewing personal relationships is seldom a bad thing when done with love and good intentions, there may be some need for changes after this week both positive and negative when the review process is over with.

Another reflection of these energies is probably the huge numbers of folks decided this week if their current partner is the one they wish to spend their lives with, since Valentine’s Day is a traditional time for marriage proposals and it gets people minds flowing in that direction.

If you in that situation, remember to choose wisely for a greater chance of Joy and the establishment of your own family “clan banner” for the future.  Everyone else also has the chance to find Joy and contentment with Friends and Clan today, so make the right choices that you can make and just pretty much settle in to watch those choices made on the macro/current events scale.  There isn’t much you can do about them right now anyway, so work to ensure your own personal happiness while keeping an eye out for the rest of what is going on.

Short term, my sense is it won’t affect most people much; longer term I think some of the decisions being made today will have serious effects upon our collective “Joy” in the future.