Card of the Day – Monday – Feb 11, 2013

Today’s Card is the Libido (sexuality/life force) and the rune-stave is Fehu (Cattle/Wealth/Fertility/Sexuality/Conflicts over sex and money)

Just like last Thursday (the last reading, due to various issues the Weekend reading didn’t happen this week) I’m going to do the personal first rather than the current events predictions.  That’s because, once again the person is so positive that I want people to a good start to their day.

Today’s energy is likely to be wild, free and unchained – a good day for anything involving the lustier forms of romantic interaction (a head start for Valentine’s Day), but the Libido card isn’t just about sex – it is also about color, life force, celebration and living in the now!

Of course, wildness does have its darker aspects and highly charged emotional conflicts, especially in regards to sex and romance are also possible with this card.  This is really something to watch this week because while the Fehu rune literally means cattle or wealth, it is also associated with Sex and Fertility and conflicts over both.

My husband has actually described the entire Ring Cycle as “One very long definition of the Fehu rune: fights over sex and money.”

So on a personal level, this week has the potential to be fantastic in terms of hot-romantic interactions and wealth creation.  But it also has the potential for either or both to blow up in your face – so enjoy yourselves, but don’t let the darker emotions in through the cracks especially things like jealousy and greed.  Stick with love, joy, romance and fertility (either physical or spiritual) and this can be a great week.

Now, for the Current Events – as always, the same energies are there only on a much larger scale than they are for individuals.  Yes, in many places the wildness of Carnival will be celebrating Sex, Color, Life Force and Wealth with Parades, Festivals, Costumes that shine like the Peacocks on the Cards and even with Pancakes (here in Ireland).  The Sexuality of Fehu will be flowing through crowds and I suspect quite a number of children will be born around October this year; whom in ancient times would have been called “Festival Born” for a reason.

However, the darker side of both the Libido and Fehu are also there; lurking not just in the less healthy sides of large celebrations but also in potential for Peoples/Tribes/Nations to engage in Combative Display Behavior (the Peacocks) and Conflicts over Resources and Money/Wealth.  There is also a strong strain of “distraction” or “ignoring” of danger in this combination – the Two Peacocks are so busy getting ready to display and fight that they don’t see the snake right beside them that could kill either or both of them.

I keep think of the Grammy awards last night (not that there is anything wrong with awards) but they made getting news about the tornadoes in Hattiesburg (where I went to college years ago) very difficult to find.  That’s a small version of the sort of distraction energy  I am sensing, making news about scandals concerning  sex and money very likely to top the news this week.

I also think there may be an undercurrent of this in the Sudden News from the Vatican this morning, but that is still pretty muddled; but it is very much a story to watch.

So, to sum up – a very good and positive week for individuals if they can enjoy themselves but avoid deep emotional conflicts and the potential is there for a good week for the world – but there is real potential there for conflicts over sex/power/wealth and combative display (posturing)/distractions.




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