Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 7, 2013

Today’s card is the Tree and the rune-stave is Manaz (man/partnerships) and I’m going to reverse my usual reading order because this reading is so positive for individuals.

Today is a great day to put down roots, to really get to the heart of a matter and to concentrate on things that are most important in life.  Relationships, especially long-term relationships like spouses, children and grandparents are all very important today.  Take time to enjoy them and celebrate with them..

Today is a fantastic day to start new ventures, especially those requiring long-term planning and working with others, this includes weddings, small business start-ups (especially family businesses) and home-repairs.

From a current events perspective, all that good energy is still there and can be used for new alliances, treaties and partnerships – however there is also the chance that “man/alliances” can threaten the strength of the “world” tree as much as they support it.

This combination suggests we may be entering into a slightly altered energy period from the last two weeks where we pretty much just kept getting blasted with economic issues and potential conflicts.  Today’s energies suggest both a possible way out (with alliances) but also the danger of continued problems if the “wrong” partnerships are formed.  This is a day when “root” problems (those that are at the foundation of a situation) may become harder to ignore and start seriously showing up in the headlines.

Here is Ireland, the all-night meetings leading to an emergency bill passed in the dead of night to “liquidate” the zombie bank causes the majority of Ireland’s debt is an excellent example of this sort of thing.  The newspaper’s suggesting that this action was “forced” when the information about the reality of the situation was “leaked” (or the roots of the problem were being revealed) and the State (new partnerships) had to take over/make a new arrangement/partnership because this was/is also affect Ireland’s “partnership” with the EU.

I’m sure that’s not the only Current Event reflected in this energy but it was very sudden and is a good example of the sort of things to expect in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, for individuals, enjoy your friends, family and all good relationships!