Card of the Day – Thursday – January 31, 2013

Yesterday’s storms and nasty weather prevented a reading (and almost did today as well) but we can see that the major changes in energy have been to shift from The Stranger (new person/new situation) and the Dice Cup Rune Perthro (fate/things undecided/gambling) to a combination of Friendship (friends/alliances/those trusted) and the same Dice Cup Rune.

While the Friendship card on its own is highly positive, this combination of the Friendship plus the Dice Cup (a rune many folks, including me associate with Loki the Trickster) suggest that on a Current Events level “Friends” and “Friendships” are “gambling” with each other (and/or their Friendship) as much as they are with strangers (new-comers, new situations).

Together with Tuesday’s reading, this continues the theme of a very fate-filled, “dicey” period of time when a lot of things are going to be up in the air (or left up to fate) and the outcome is still unclear.

That edgy, gambling feeling of earlier in the week is still there, but now not just in association of that which is new and unexpected; but also concerning those whose ideas and loyalty are thought to be well-tested and known.  The Dice Cup suggests they may or may not actually “roll” out as expected, in whatever the situation the cards have seen building in the last few weeks (which hint at combat, display and distraction).

For individuals, the card and rune combination are not nearly as complex; they simply suggest this is a time period when friendships may be very important.  However, people should be ready for possible sudden changes in their friendship groups (both positively and negatively) because with the Dice Cup anything can happen.

It is a time when people may be tempted to play “games of chance” with their friends both obviously (like starting a betting pool for The Big Game) and not so obviously (or positively) by “betting” one friend against another in a personal “game” that can turn out rather nasty.

So, use the energy in good ways; seek out friends who keep their “play” and “gambling” to mutual and interesting sports; rather than those who try to manipulate friendship as if it were a game.

A good time for friendly gambling games like penny cards after dinner; but beyond that things are just a bit too up in the area for serious stakes (like going to the races).

On the other hand, stories about current events may very well include things like horse racing, gambling casinos, pyramid set ups as well as problems with “friends/unfriends” and borders, conflicts treaties etc (especially those where someone takes a serious “gamble.”

Hopefully a three-day reading tomorrow, weather stay tuned!

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