Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 29, 2013


Todays Card is the Stranger (a new person/element/something strange) and Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate/Undecided/Gambling) [The Perthro rune is similar to the Wheel of Fortune in a regular Tarot Deck]

Together they suggest a day when a new Person, Element or Energy is likely to enter the picture of Current Events.  The Unexpected is more likely than not and how this will affect the nearing future may be heavy with Fate and Portents but still not totally decided.

There is an edgy, gambling, fated feeling to all this, which goes well with Yesterday’s sense of growing “something” possibly fulled with an increasingly desire both for the Zest of Life but also towards mutual and combative forms of destruction.

While this Stranger could be an entirely unexpected person, it is more likely a new element or change in circumstances that appears out of “nowhere” and changes things.

The Dice Cup rune makes for a day when any outcome is likely and one simply not easily called until the dice have been rolled and come to rest in their corners.

For individuals, a day to expect the unexpected both at work and at home – a good day for those looking for romantic partners as someone might just “walk through the door of fate” and into your arms.  Like all strangers, be careful and wait until the dice settle before making any final decision; but this is a day when magical things can happen.

Another rather high powered energy day, partly left-over from yesterday’s combative feelings and moving more towards the excitement of the unknown, the unrealized and the potential for various actions.

Physical meditations, magical workings and hands-on work suggested for today, but don’t be surprised when things don’t quite as originally planned.  That is the overlying theme of today, the day of Surprises and Unexpected Outcomes.


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