Card of the Day – Monday – January 28, 2013

Today’s Card is the Libido (Sexuality/life force/display based combat) and the rune stave is Elhaz (Elk/Protection/Prayer/Divination)

Together they are a bit of an odd mix, but may be suggesting that an energy that went quiet for a while is not coming back into focus.  That is the issue of human sexuality and fertility, although the aspects of “display/combat” and “distraction from danger” in this card can not be ignored either.

While the first version the energy is something like:

“Protect human sexuality/fertility” and or “There needs to be protection for human sexuality fertility.”

The second version of the energy is also important, especially given all of last weekends readings about possible conflicts/wars/battles/laws etc.

That would be the energy that causes the two peacocks on the cards to be so busy displaying for the peahen (just off the card where we don’t see her) that neither of them see the snake in the grass in their haste to battle each other.  The snake might easily kill either of them and/or the pea hen, but they are simply blind to danger as they are so distracted by the age-old call to fight and mate.

This ties in very nicely with this weekend’s Beauty/Vanity/Self-absorption reading, that had distraction and inattention to outside forces written all over it.  This combination suggests to me that this energy is still on going, though thankfully there are forces of protection out there that can be appealed to.

Elk – actually the European Moose in this case – are huge animals with few natural predators when adults, and even the best of hunters with modern weaponry approaches them with great care.  In ancient times, Moose were seen as creatures of great power, their raised antlers (as seen in the rune) reaching up towards heaven and/or The Divine protecting the Moose as well as a symbol of protection for people.  Moose also use their antlers for combat displays, so there is a hint in here that even in protection it is wise to continue to watch for things that distract from the issues at hand.

In fact, my husband reminds me that Moose/Elk are rated as the most dangerous animal in modern Sweden, because in rut they will engage in ranging “combat” with just about anything that moves, including innocent hikers minding their own business who might come ambling by.

Some traditions also see this rune as the Priest/Priestess/Human reaching out towards heaving in prayer, especially the protective sort.

Since both husband and I had a very strong sense of the “Elk in Rut” energy in this reading (to go with the combat/display of the card) I pulled a second rune for clarification and got Thurasaz

Thurasaz is often translate as giant/Thurse/Thorn/Prick but can also be thought of as the “rune of the giant’s phallus” and there are rune poems about it being the “pain” of women, to put it politely.

This clarification rune, seems to indicate that the major energy for today and going into this week is one of highly charged, young male, urge towards display and combat, testosterone fueled raging types of anger.

Last weeks combat hints seemed more planned, more “old men at the chessboard” sort of thing, where as this week it feels more like young guys hot for sex, blood and war (and not necessarily in that order).

There is a lot of “electricity” in the air this week, a sort of danger filled excitement that feels like “something” could break out any moment, and if it doesn’t there are forcing that will make something happen anyway.

However, there is also a lot of energy towards distraction, a “pricking” of the ears to listen to things far-away and a very sane and rational mental repose to all this that seeks out protection and safety (but can also lead to hiding behavior).

For individuals, everyone should be careful not to let their emotions (or hormones) get away from them; that includes as much the responses of anger as they do of lust.  All emotions can be channeled to good as well as destruction; but some are more difficult to sublimate and channel than others.  This feels like one of those weeks when channel energy through a combination of meditation and physical activity is a very good idea.  With swimming, running, dancing or even more mental exercises like music being very important in terms of active and intentional forms of “good” distraction.

This is probably a week when many people will feel intense feelings both “to do things,” and “to hide away under a rock.”  Instead of doing either, try to balance, breath and do daily tasks with intention.  By focusing on the here and now, it may allow some of these wilder energies to race past you and ground themselves into more stable and useful forms.

Otherwise hang on to  your hats, looks like we may be entering a rather wild energy period, at least for the next few days.



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