Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 25-27, 2013

The computer just ate a very long and complex reading, which I simply don’t have time to totally repeat, but I am posting the cards here and a brief explanation (or at least some educated guesses about them) and may post an update later in the weekend.

Today’s highly complex reading suggests that something either never will happen (or will seem like it will never happen) that is being directed, controlled or influenced by a powerful female force/individual(s)/power and that Peace (or Never-Peace) will be part of the outcome.  Tiwaz our rune of Justice/Law/Trail by Combat/Karma/Sky Father/Lightning God/Tyr suggests once again a Just or Justified conflict.

Making this even more layered is that the Beauty Card can be a Beautiful women (or Female Power) but it can also be a Vain, Self-Absorbed or Self Centered one.  Someone(s) so stuck on their own reflection that they can’t see what is going out right outside their line of vision.  They are not looking at where they are going, rather at the widow and the lovely outer-form it reveals.

My take on this in terms of current events is two-fold – one is that it reflects the past weeks hearings where a “powerful Women/female force” tried Justify what happened in a conflict, one in which there will “never” be Peace (or perhaps never be a peaceful outcome of the situation being described).  This of course is Hillary Clinton testifying before the “court” of congress and public opinion, going as far to bang her fist on the table to “justify” what happened.  It will probably “never” work, but she had to try.

However, the Beauty Card can also be “America the Beautiful herself” and/or “The Beautiful Dream” of a “United Europe” and has shown up in both of those contexts before.  Again, the cards suggests that both are experiencing their “beauty” in the more negative aspects of vanity and self-absorption as opposed to female power used for real peace and stability.  At the moment, the never card suggests that both of those are rather far away and that the Tiwaz rune may be used selfishly for justification, but also exists on its own representing both trial by combat and that ultimate of laws – Karma.

Finally, for individuals; probably a weekend when some things just don’t ever seem to work out as planned, often for rather legalistic reasons (no  you can’t go for drive because your insurance expires on Saturday, it is now Sunday and the office isn’t open until Monday sorts of things).  Other tasks will pass blissfully by, especially those that require more “female” types of intuition and are aimed at settling things down.

So, a lot of really complicated and sometimes conflicting energies this weekend; not so bad for the average person, but watch current events and especially female leaders and female identified nations for signs of impending conflicts.  Also watch for conflicts arising out of currency, money, greed and self interests and/or conflicts that result from just not paying attention to what is really going on.

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