Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 22, 2012


This may be a short reading today because the computer has already gone down once and taken the reading with it (weather is very cold today, may be problems on the lines).

But to sum up, today’s card is Money and the rune is Raido (riding, travel, movement).  This is on the heals of yesterday’s Fortune/law/Justice/conflict reading, and I’m sure the two our tied together.

The difference is that Fortunes (physical or spiritual) represent gatherings of great wealth over a period of time; whereas money is more likely to be currency or whatever is being used for making daily purchases both personal and international.  It doesn’t really matter if money is made of shells, beads, coins or gold; it is a symbol that represents wealth but it not actually wealth itself.  Money is what people agree to accept in exchange for things; that can (and does) change over time, sometimes very quickly.

Real Wealth, is also shown on this card by the farmer planting his fields, he can’t see the coins buried in the earth unless he digs them up with his plow.  But even without them, if he works hard and the weather favors him he will have a “wealth” of physical items that he can eat or trade.

Today I think this card is mostly signally a change in energy around Money as currencies as in: Money (Currency) Travels aka the next 24 to 48  hours would be a time to look for major currency moves, speculations, stock markets going up or down suddenly, and even travel affected by money (cancellation of programs, vacations, contracts etc).   The reverse may also be true for some nations/corporations/people with the “move” in Money being to their benefit and new “movement” forward taking places (as well as some backwards).

On a personal level, today is a day when money is “moving” so a good day to pay attention if you have investments or are relying on a check coming in to make your bills.  A day when making investments, bets or taking on new monetary projects can result in wild swings either way; the energy is there both for the “making” of fortunes and the “unmaking” of them.  Even if you are feeling lucky, today is not a day to risk what you don’t have; but if you do have extra to risk, the results might be worth it.

Note, this is not financial advice, anyone doing any sort of investment or work with money should seek the advice of someone qualified to do so before making any such plans or decisions.

I suspect in a few days we will have a better idea just where money/currencies/fortunes are going; but right now what we do know is:

They may be involved in legal conflicts/contracts/judgments/treaties (yesterday)

They are likely to be moving/traveling/riding swiftly pretty shortly but in what directions we do not yet know (today).

It is also very possible that the decisions reached in the judgment(s) of both courtroom and conflicts are going to play a decisive role in the direction the Money takes.

It should also be noted that if I have missed something and/or the energies are actually working more on older sorts of wealth than things like crops, commodities, oil, food, shipping etc may also be affected.  This is not exclusive of the hard “currency” issues in any case but this feels more like “money” as in currency more than “wealth” as in crops/livestock etc at least for right now, in this reading.