Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 18-20, 2012


Wow, well the cards and runes seem to either point to an unexpected ice/snow storm or a pretty good downer of a weekend, at least on some levels.  Ireland (where I live) is experiencing snow, rain, sleet and otherwise dark weather (some of which is coming out of the sea (The Moon Card) causing us all to want to go into our caves and hid (Cave Card) and the Liar could have been the mostly warmer Winter we have had so far  = with the Isa (Ice) rune both revealing the weather and the transportation (as well as actual ice) that is bringing large parts of the UK and some of Ireland to a halt today.

That’s one way to view this reading, and it shows that Ireland and the UK are being affected by it in a very physical way and in the material world; but other places and individuals may experience it on other levels.

Briefly, the Cave card can be depression, a need to withdraw, reflection or a need to hide in a safe place.

The Moon is usually a sign of hidden things being revealed, things that come out of the depths and show up slowly.  As well as secrets the Moon also represents dreams, psychic energies, mediumship and prophecy.

The Liar Card suggests that some of the revealed information may prove to be “False” or is being used as a distraction.  On the card, you can see the Joker is trying to be funny while a drape hangs behind him, hiding what is beyond.  The Joker does not want you to look behind the curtain, he does not want you to see either the man or the events that may be standing there.  The Liar card is also associated (by me) with Loki the Trickster in his less pleasant aspects; inside of your fun party animal, this is Loki when he feel he’s been wronged and is out to use his wit to hurt those who he feels have hurt him.  Not a really nice energy to have around, but one that must at least be acknowledged if things are to move forward; it is the difference between asking someone why they are “angry” and listening to them as opposed to ignoring them or worse mocking them in their misery.

Finally the Isa Rune translates “Ice” and tends to represent both literal forms of frozen water (ice/hail/snow) and situations that are “Frozen/Stuck” which suggest that whatever is being revealed is likely to seem stuck and unmoving; another reason perhaps that people may want to retreat to that cold, dark cave (or at least go back to bed) rather than face the deceptions and lies that may be being revealed (or are leaking out).

For some, this energy may simply result in a weekend spent indoors, by a roaring fire and discovering that reports of the ice and snow ending soon are “false” or “misleading.”  But for others, I think this situation may be much more serious, with previously hidden information slowly coming to the surface and tending to both overwhelm and distract people at the same time.  Whatever these issues are, people may feel powerless to do anything to change them (though that could be part of the lie).

I am not yet sure what these issues(s) are, but I feel more drawn to North America than to Europe but both may be affected.  This also have a very “Northern” in terms of hemisphere feeling to it; while there may be issues for readers “Down Under” as they deal with frightfully high temperatures and fiercely hot winds; this energy seems to be strongest North of the Equator at least for today and going towards Monday.

Readers in the South lands are more likely to experience this combination of Cave-Moon-Liar-Isa in the mental and spiritual realms than the physical; also they may get hit with somewhat lighter touches of the entire combination.

For individuals, while this reading is gloomy (simply no other way to put it) you can use this time period for introspection, personal work and getting rid of “false” patterns and information in your life.  Allow new dreams, issues and dreams to bubble up for you on the surface this weekend; and enjoy some time for meditation and purposeful with drawl.  Don’t try to fight the frozen nature of Isa, instead embrace being still for a short time and be ready to start moving again when the Ice melts.

A very inwardly focused time period – use it well and remember to peak out of the covers once in awhile to see if things have starting shifting again.



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