Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 16, 2012


Today’s Card is the Stars and the rune-stave is thurisaz (Giant/Thorn/Prick).

Taken together they suggest a day when “giant” or “large” patterns are suddenly starting to make sense and/or start “pricking” at the back of the mind.

They also suggest that yesterday’s Voyage energy is moving rapidly towards something that is rather “thorny, prickly or large” and it could have to do with both “natural” as well as human forces.  That’s because the “Thurses” aka Giants of the Norse cosmology are believed by many people to represent (at least in part) the great elemental forces of nature such as volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards, wind-storms, lightning, land-slides etc; especially those connected with mountains and the wild places.  Giants can be other things, including some of the Norse God’s themselves (like Loki the Trickster) but in this reading the more elemental forces seem to be calling.

I think there are also patterns being revealed in human affairs, and that both human and non-human patterns are starting to make sense (the patterns in the stars that are represented by the lines on the card).

The prickly and thorny aspects of the Thurisaz rune-stave can also be a reference to male sexual activity again both in a literal and more symbolic sense of the male person/god/energy/influence “pricking” the female/person/goddess/energy/influences or put another way making the oldest human connection of all.

The results of this pricking can be everything from reproduction, creativity and love to bareness, blockages and hate (and many, many shades in-between).

In terms of current events, there are a lot of possibilities are there for the rest of this week including human-based patterns being “pricked” into the light (some good, but most probably not so good given the nature of the rune-stave).  This is also a time to watch for reports of volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and things in the night sky.

In terms of human based events, again there is the ongoing issues from yesterday of communications (or miss-communications) brining new information and patterns to light.  The rune-stave suggests that this could cause building tensions over certain issues, while not necessarily exploding yet (that would be the rune Kenaz) certain starting to bite and cause pain that can’t no longer be ignored.

For personal readings, this energy is probably not so intense; though this is a time period when things are likely to continue not only to keep flowing forward (as they were yesterday) but also to have certain events or situation that sort of “force” people into making connections or taking new steps in their life that they might otherwise have been avoiding.

Patterns that have been hidden are now seen, even when that can cause “giant” problems but this can also result in “giant” solutions that otherwise would have simply been building up beneath the surface but not seen until struck by the thorn.

So a mixed day but with potentially positive outcomes (especially for individuals who are paying attention).  An active energy day (again like yesterday) with lots of connections and possibilities to be explored.