Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 15, 2012


Card of the Day is Back!  After an expected delay due to New Year activities and a conference in London; our house hold had its own problems with today’s rune Ansuz (which covered communications among other things) when the phone and Internet lines caused problems for over three weeks.  Thankfully, on Saturday a nice repairman was finally able to sort the cause of the problem and we have had good connections ever since.  So we are now able to return to our regular programing (lol)…

I decided to just jump in with one card and one rune today, rather than trying for a more elaborate reading.  I have postponed the yearly reading until at least the weekend, while I catch up on all sorts of other delayed Internet projects I’m catching up on.  Anyone wishing a private reading, Skype is now up and running, just send me an e-mail at for a reading appointment (probably early next week).

Meanwhile, back to today’s card and rune:

Card: Voyage – a trip, journey, adventure either physical or spiritual that shows movement from a previous position.

Rune-stave: Ansuz – communications, understandings, miss-understandings, the God Odin, sometimes indicates deep thoughts, wisdom, war/conflict through miss-communications, psychic communications (between people and with the other world) – this is a very complex rune.

So while the Psy Card is fairly easy to read, the rune that goes with it complicates things a bit.

We can do the personal reading first because it is so positive, for individuals the Voyage Card plus Ansuz suggests that today is a great day for both physical and spiritual voyages, keeping in mind that proper communications are very important.  If there are physical travel problems today, it will probably be because of communications problems and if there are spiritual ones it may be from a lack of exact intention of what an individual is seeking to learn in the first place.

But over-all a really good day for most sorts of visionary work – Ansuz in some ways is the “rune of the runes” in terms of “Odin bringing and teaching the runes to mankind” and adding written language to both personal and spiritual communication skills.

Now on an international/current events topic, this is a little harder to read; partly due to the unexpected three-week break in the readings.  Normally we could reflect back on the last three weeks and where trends seemed to be heading and predict a probably “change of course” or perhaps the “turning of a Ship of State,” but since we don’t know where we have been lately (from a reading point of view) trying to figure out where we are headed now becomes a bit more fuzzy.

The one hint we have, other than that things are likely to become unstuck and start moving; is the Ansuz rune and the issue of communications.  First, there is the obvious connections of real ships and real communications being affected (in both good and bad ways) or a possible problem with communications with ships (or other forms of transportation including “air-ships” etc).

Then there is the more metaphorical possibilities of communications between Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Ships of State/Heads of States being affected, again in either direction.

If I were to be looking for problem areas today I would think it a likely day for transport to be affected by black outs, bad weather or even radar/computer problems.

I would also look for Internet/radio/radar issues of all sorts and finally I’m a bit concerned about conflicts/wars/problems resulting from the lack of proper communications.  These could be cause either by technical failures or those of human beings simply miss-understanding each others intentions.

But, that aside, over all this has the potential to be a pretty good day with energies moving forward in many areas and good opportunities for communications both in this world and with the Other-World as well.

So be open-minded, thoughtful and listening today; do not be afraid to change directions if you need to but be sure you really understand any messages you are given that affect your voyage.




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