Internet partly out due to Stormy Weather

Hi everyone, just a note to let everyone know our Internet has been in and out for the last 48 hours and seems to be getting worse. This does not allow me to post more than an occasional line or two – I will be speaking at a Northern Mysteries conference in London on Saturday with my husband and we will be gone from tomorrow through next Wednesday.

While I will have my runes and cards with me, it probably will not be possible to do full readings while I am traveling either private or public.

When I get back, I will do my best to post the projected readings for 2013 and get back to a regular 5 day a week Card of the Day.

I’m really sorry about this longer than intended card reading vacation, but sometimes there just isn’t much you can do.

So, if I can I will post here sooner, otherwise look for a return of Card of the Day Weekend Edition on Friday the 11th