Card of the Day – Thursday – Dec 27, 2012


Well, after taking a Holiday Break, we can see that there has been a shift in the energies from the previous period, which is somewhat refreshing and suggests that things may start moving in a slightly different direction for the start of the New Year.

The Card of the Day is:

The Libido – this card represents sexuality, life force, liveliness, color, male display behavior, warfare and occasionally distraction from evil/bad things/danger (see the snake being ignored as the two peacocks display and consider fighting over a female – aka they are distracted by sexuality to the point of danger).

The Rune of the Day is:

Tiwaz – The God Tyr (Justice/Sky Father) this Rune usually represents justice but is as much justice of the Clan (aka taking personal revenge) as it is about law courts (both are covered).  While this rune is favored by lawyers and police officers who follow a Northern Path, the energy of the rune actually favors personal combat (with weapons) as much as is does that with a pen (lawyers).

Also, the Justice achieved is often tribal and can includes settlements familiar to those in the Middle East, but that modern Westerners might find hard to swallow – for example Murder was perfectly legal in the Viking Age provided the killer announced his crime and offer to pay the person’s “worth.”  If the family accepted the payment that was it, if they didn’t the killer could be exiled (or how Eric the Red found Greenland) or the family of the murdered person was allowed to seek personal revenge by seeking to kill them (sometimes it was a case of take exile or be killed by the family so best to get out-of-town).

Anyway, I bring this up because while in general the prospects of a Libido card are very positive (and great for a hot date) the combat aspects of the card can not be ignored, especially when combined with the rune Tiwaz.

If I were reading for a private client about her marriage, I would have to wonder if a divorce (or other legal battle) was in the offing when getting this combination.  For a Current Events Reading I have to wonder if both “Display” and “Combat” are serving as a distraction from real issues of Justice/War/Right Decision etc.

The Tiwaz Rune is Shaped like a Spear and sometimes seems to drive right to the heart of an issue.  This makes me suspect that while the major energy today is for distraction, pretty shiny things and perhaps even romance; there is an undercurrent of the spear (and the snake) about to strike and surprise everyone.  The snake is the hidden side of this energy (though quite deadly) and the Spear of Tiwaz the more public (and perhaps divine judgement) aspect of it.

Still, for most people today is a good day to celebrate life, create life and enjoy the colors of the Season.  It is a day to be careful of legal issues, especially those involving relationships (including child support) and other things that can “strike suddenly” when we are distracted by other things (including the Holidays).  Especially beware of “male display behavior” (aka personal conflicts) for the next couple of days; try to be a calming influence when it comes about; use the Libido energy to distract in a useful fashion and remember the heart of a savage beast can often be swayed with a good meal and other activities (especially if the beast is your husband/partner).

This is NOT a good day for court cases and police/law enforcement people should be on guard for an uptake in family quarrels and other similar issues.  They do have “justice” on their side at the moment, but as with all Tyr/Justice combinations they need to be very careful to stay on the “right” side of things as Tyr can be justice without mercy (aka the letter of the law).

So a good day for everyone to observe speed limits, but also to enjoy the color and mysteries of your location once you get there.

We shall see how this energy develops over the next few days.  I hope to be reading through New Years and I will doing a 2013 projected cards for the year before I am away to London for a week (for a Northern  Mysteries conference) where I will be mostly off-line, but back again after the 9th of January.