Card of the Day – Winter Solstice Edition – Dec 21-24, 2012


Welcome to the December 21st, 2012 Card of the Day reading!  I think today’s reading will be appropriately gloomy enough for a supposed Doomsday but not nearly as bad as the end of the world as we know it.

The cards for the next few days are:

The Tower (Castle) card: this is now the Tower of Destruction as it is in the Classic Tarot Deck but rather more the Castle/Defensive Fortress/Security/Physical and Psychic Shields/Protection from Outside Threats etc.

The Scales: An important Decision is being made (or is yet to be made/something or someone(s) hand in the balance/The Scales of Justice (as in Law, Court Cases, Karma).

The Message: Really just punches home the previous cards as in “THIS IS THE MESSAGE” yelling at the reader in giant metaphysical capital letters.

The Rune stave is the same as Yesterday

Wunjo – Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag…

Now this is all a very interesting combination, especially given that the last card screams at us that the first two cards are very important and are the ones to pay attention to.

Give the past week’s readings and the Current Event situation in general I think the major energies being flag by this cards is that there will be a “tipping point” this weekend on or more major decisions that concerns the very foundations of certain countries/civilizations/ways of life/economics/currencies/situations etc.

These can include issues like taxes (the Fiscal Cliff in the US), currencies (the Euro/Dollar), Peace or War (the Middle East/Other places), Defense, Offense, wealth, fortunes, Money, etc.

This “weighing of the scales” probably also involves both the discovery of old “lies/falsehoods” and the putting forth of new ones.  There is still some energy bleeding in from yesterday’s “False Joy/False Flag/Lie that Brings Joy” reading that is feeding today’s “karmic judgment.”

I don’t for a minute think this means that the world is going to go down in flames do to some cosmic nightmare today, however the energy is still there for purely human caused mischief and mayhem over the next few days.

The Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag rune is now with us for the second day in a row, which is another reason I think the energies of falsehood (and probably money issues/destruction) are still at play from earlier in the week and are affecting the “tipping point.”

While in a personal reading the Wunjo rune can bring both Joy and Joy in Family/Clan (a perfect rune for the holiday season!) in a reading like this the Battle Flag/Joy in Battle/Tribal Conflict aspects simply can’t be ignored.  Of course, not all “warfare” takes place on physical battle fields; the “battle” between Republicans and Democrats in the US over the whole tax issue (which could affect economies all over the world if not resolved) comes to mind as an alternative battle to “Guns, Germs and Steel.”

This can include threats to the homes/castles/property markets as well as corporations and large businesses.

But given the Castle Card, I think whatever these “battles” are, they are a threat to the foundations and defenses of many People(s) and the news should not be totally ignored this weekend as it may be important.

On the other hand, too much outside news does not a good Holiday Season make and in this aspect the cards are also pretty good for family gatherings, clan unity, the Home as Castle (place of retreat/safety) etc.

Here individuals can use the Joy/Joy in Family/Clan Banner as a place of safety and delight, rather than battle.

In the Germanic Traditions, the Winter Solstice period both in Heathen and later Christian times (as Yule/Christmas) was celebrated by people braving the weather and traveling or hosting friends and family for several weeks of entertaining, celebrating, religious rituals and clan/family time.

So, despite the outside threats, let your family and your home base be well defended and protective this Winter…it may be dark outside, but you can have joy and warmth within.

Happy Solstice to All!