Card of the Day – Thursday – December 20, 2012


Today’s Card is the Liar and the Rune-Stave is Wunjo (Joy/Battle Flag/Clan Banner).

Three are three or four ways this can be put together and since they are not mutually exclusive I’m going to mention them all:

First – The Liar Card (Something/Someone is Lying/Deception/Distraction) and Joy together suggests that either a “lie or falsehood” brings Joy (at least for a time) and/or the fact that something is a false hood brings joy.

If this is the second outcome, my guess is that it will refer to tomorrow and Saturday when the world it totally unlikely to end, bringing joy to many who might have been worried about it.

Second – and this one is a more human issue – Liar/False with Wunjo/Battle Flat aka False Flag…while the world itself is unlikely to end in the next 48 to 72 hours; the energy is there for a very human caused “False Flag” especially in reference to war or something to do with battle/clan/family/tribes.  Or, this could be a previous situation being “outed” as a “false flag” and that becomes a big topic in the news going into Christmas.

We also have the image of the Liar putting on a false face and performing a juggling act to distract the viewer from what is behind the current.  So you can also have a situation where something is distracting the public from Joy or Family issues right now.

Finally, and this relates to the first reading, we may have the concept that it is a “Lie/Falsehood” that “everything is just fine/joyful/ etc.”

All of these are suggestions for a macro current-events level of reading; for individuals I think the thing to remember during this time period is that there is a lot of false and misleading information out there that may affect your ability to take “joy/joy in family” during this Season.

Best not to try to be too distracted by this, other than pay attention towards not being swindled or duped when it comes to purchasing gifts or other items; as always when this card shows up this is a good day to avoid buying a used car, signing a contract and reviewing anything that “looks to good to be true” (might bring joy) because it probably is.

Thankfully Liar/Distraction energies tend not to last very long and tend to fade away in a day or two.

So just concentrate on what you know to be true, solid and honest and things should improve, on a personal level, pretty shortly.

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