Card of the Day – Tuesday – December 18, 2012


Today’s card is Union and the rune is Laguz (Water/Lake/Hidden) this is an interesting combination given yesterday’s money/hail stone combination.

For individuals this is a fantastic energy reading; it suggests Union, Romance, Unity, Alliances, Love, Understanding, Trust and hidden depths to all of these may be found today.

This is a wonderful day for serious dating, spending time with family and close friends, doing psychic and mental work (especially that involving the imagination).  It is a day when hidden agendas and ignored problems may float to the surface, but more slowly and easier to digests that yesterday’s hail storms.

However, on a Current Events level, this reading is not quite a positive.  The Union Card here rather than just “the Lovers” card in a regular Tarot Deck is also a symbol for Unions of all kinds, especially nations with “Union or United” in their modern names.

The Union card has shown up before both in reference to the European Union and to the “United” States; other countries that could be affected including lesser known places like The United Arab Emirates or the (now Former) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the areas it once included).

Since we know the “theme” for the week is “Money/Hits/Shocks/Hail Storms” we can expect to see stories of monetary issues both in the US and the EU and indeed we are.  Still nothing as unexpected as a sudden “hit” from above, but enough to keep people focused on the news out of congress and the stock markets.  So far the stock markets (in the US) are slightly up, but then they are hoping for “good” news; which may or may not be coming this week.

Trade Unions and other forms of human “unions” may also be affected or in the news.

In any event, look for “hidden” information to start “coming to light” that may affect or help bring on this money/economic/currency “hit.”  The Laguz rune is all about emotions and deep waters, which makes it perfect when combined with the lover’s card for finding true romance, but pretty scary when it might also bring up hidden deceptions and motivations that “strike” at the very heart of the world’s economies.

So, a mildly active day and a good one for celebrating intimacy with those closest to you, just understand that deep oceans emotion may be surface when least expected.