Card of the Day – Monday – December 17, 2012

This week me move from last Thursday’s Scales/Destruction/Ansuz energy (most likely a precursor to the East Coast shootings which involved a personal decision on someone’s part to commit horrific destruction) to that of Money/Wealth/Economics and Hagalaz (Hail Stone/Sudden Strike/Hit).

This suggests that Money will be the primary theme of this week, and not just in the sense of people spending it (or not) for the holidays.  This combination of card and rune, really indicates that something massive and probably unexpected in some way (or at least not expected right now) is likely to “STRIKE” or “HIT”  Money/Wealth/Economics/Economies/Banks/Business etc this week.

Because Hail is also cold as well as hard and fast; it could also result in a sudden freeze or some sort (or at least bring things to a stand-still for the moment).  I am not sure if this will affect the stock markets or not, but the energy certainly is there for a potential hit/shock to the markets if there is one in out there waiting to occur anyway.

However, because the markets are so controlled these days, it may be something a bit different that “hits” money where it really hurts.  This is a very bad time for bad monetary and economic news; anything that causes people to reign in their holiday spending is often a wise decision on the personal level but a continuing disaster on the macro-economic level.

It is also possible, that even though the Hail Rune is paired with money, that it is not only money  that will be hit/affected by its sudden smash.  But, money is often what is used to control or affect many other current events; either because too much is spent on one issue or there is not enough to spend on others.

As a theme for the week of December 21, 2012; it is interesting because while the hail-stone rune can signal a natural impact or disaster (not that I really think one is coming but the energy and thought forms are going to be out there) the Money card suggests more problems of human (economic) origin rather than cosmic ones; at least for the start of the week. 

That could shift later, but for now I’d be watchful for stories about not just continued fiscal cliffs, but also wall street, banks, taxes, money supplies, short-falls, economic and currency strains (or even sudden hits/collapses), derivatives cascading into a “sudden” crises, debts, corporate bankruptcies (especially surprise ones), corporate take-overs, corporate bad news in general.

The Hagalaz rune really does suggest a “sudden/surprise” hit of some sort; so look for something very fast and probably unexpected in the world of money/finance/business/banking etc.

On a personal level, be wary and watchful for similar sudden “hits” to personal finances and household economics.  This is a good week to be careful with spending even in the face of great bargains, sales and pressure to buy presents; simply because this is the sort of energy that tends to bring unexpected expenses and repairs coming out of the woodwork.  If you hold some money back and the hail strikes next door, you are simply better off and have a bit of money left over for next month; however if the hail hits your car windshield and smashes it, you’ll have the resources to repair it.

So the word for this week is: watch your personal finances (especially money) and be ready for sudden and unexpected “hit” both in finance or other areas. 

Some personal hail stones may be sudden “strikes” of understanding or insight into a seemingly unsolvable problem and that is the good side of this energy pattern.

But for the most part, a good week for cheap pleasures, the comforts of home and the enjoyment of family; while doing as little actual spending as you can manage.

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